ByAndres Salazar, writer at

Pedro Almodóvar was making short films before The Skin I Live In’s actress Elena Anaya was even born, and the great Spanish director is no stranger to edgy filmmaking.

Antonio Banderas plays a talented but ultimately-mad plastic surgeon who has devised a way to invent a new form of skin resistant to injury. He does this after his wife’s death in a car crash leaves him looking for answers. Then we see a lovely mysterious young woman (Anaya). Later we find out the role she plays in the surgeon’s life and why.

This doesn’t feel like an Almodovar film. It is more complex, as he blends elements of mystery, horror, time shifting, the crazy-doctor theme, a love story, and some secrets that you must find out for yourself. It is all very disturbing and cringe-worthy, but you will get sucked in, and Almodovar’s twisty climax is unforgettable.


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