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I love being scared. I love the heart-pumping, bone-chilling feeling that the horror genre brings to my life. Since I was a young kid, horror movies and books have been my go-to genre, and now as an adult that has not wavered a bit.

When I first started seeing commercials for this unique series on FX simply called American Horror Story, to say I was excited would have been an understatement. I anxiously awaited its premiere, stalking the promos online to hold me over until it debuted.

The night of the premiere, my friends and I shut off all the lights, turned up the volume and settled in for a night of terrifying television. We weren't disappointed.

Fast Forward Four Seasons Later...

I have yet to watch one episode of the new season of AHS. After that first season, I was doubly-excited when the second season, Asylum, came around. That one season set the parameter for which all other seasons were judged. I had never been so spooked by a single season or episode of a television show the way I had been with Asylum.

Which makes what I am about to say, that much sadder...

American Horror Story has consistently gone downhill since. Coven, wasn't scary. Freak Show, wasn't freaky. Sure there were elements of each season that worked, but so many more that didn't. So, when I started seeing news of Hotel, I honestly didn't know whether or not I would be willing to get my hopes up and try again.

I have no interest in Lady Gaga or Vampires. I have no interest in more singing mixed with horror. So, I opted out.

I began to think of American Horror Story as that bad ex-boyfriend that just kept turning up for another chance. "Come back baby, I promise it will be different." But, it wasn't. It was the same disappointment that caused me to turn away in the first place.

The Final Nail in the Coffin...

For me, it came in a most unique way. On Sundancetv there is a show called The Writer's Room, hosted by Jim Rash. Each episode features writers, producers and cast from popular shows, including American Horror Story. This particular episode was filmed between AHS seasons 2 and 3, sometime in 2013.

I remembered watching it when it originally aired, but this particular screen capture caught my eye...

Screen capture from an episode of The Writer's Room
Screen capture from an episode of The Writer's Room

So, NO VAMPIRES huh?? I understand that writers are apt to change their mind, but in the case of Ryan Murphy, I would have expected him to not cave in so quickly.

This is the same man who brought us Glee, Nip/Tuck, The Normal Heart, among many other unique and fascinating stories. So I can't help but wonder if maybe this is his swan song for AHS. Maybe, this is his way of telling us that the tank is dry, and he's bare of any more horrific tales to tell.

"Let's just embrace the idea that it's time, we're going to collectively jump the shark. You know, we are collectively going to the place where, I don't know if we can ever come back. You know, just embrace that idea. Is there a place where you could have fun and just say you could, in a wish list, go to crazyland knowing [brushes off hands] this is it."

- Jim Rash to Ryan Murphy on The Writer's Room.

Ryan Murphy jokingly said that season 10 will just be called "Mime". But honestly, a story built around that would be much scarier than a high class Vampire in a hotel. But that is just my humble opinion.

For those who care to tune in, American Horror Story is currently airing its fifth season Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.


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