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After fifth episodes, Heroes Reborn didn't exactly lived to expectations, leaving us a little disappointed after this week's episode.

Let's begin with the biggest thing we learned or confirmed from this episode: a catastrophe is indeed coming on Earth and will wipe our entire species. This helps better understand Erica's plans now. She is not trying to prevent the end of the world, but she wants to repopulate the planet after the apocalypse. Unlike what are destined to do our heroes, Erica is not even trying to save the world as it is but is already planning his survival. That's an interesting point of view because her motivations gave her character a little more complexity that I first thought.

Noah, Quentin and Miko kinda met for the first time in Erica's House. It was weird that neither HRG or Quentin asked themselves why an Asian girl just broke a window to recover a katana, Hiro's katana moreover. I guess they were too busy saving their own lives. As it is right now, Miko's storyline, feels too much like Hiro's back in Heroes. Don't get me wrong, I really like Miko but it feels like they are trying to feel the gap Hiro left by replacing him with another Japanese.

We finally spend some time with Melina this week. Hunted down by Renautas she had to left behind her protector, and is now on her own. I look forward to see how she will take care of herself, possibly meeting other heroes who are destined to help her save the world. Speaking of destiny, we also learned that Tommy has been raised for the same purpose as Melina. Plus, he now has to find his real parents, it is not a surprised given that his blood type didn't matched with his mothers. And also: why teenagers always run before hearing any explanations?

Now, the upsetting issues. A lot of things disturbed me during this episode. Flaws that I hoped would be resolved by now after already five episodes. Let's not forget that Heroes Reborn is a miniseries and we are almost halfway. Carlos and Luke were, again, the weak spots of this episode. All we learned, even if it wasn't a big surprise, is that the police and the government are all working for Renautas. Are they aware of their true purpose ? I don't think so. Besides that, there was not much to see: Carlos took advantage of Captain Dearing situation to find where is his nephew. Also, am I the only one seeing a team-up between Carlos and Dearing ? For his part, Luke made another introspection by burning his own house down. I feel like we are going around in circles with his character and I really hope to see things speed up a little next week.

The Lion's Den was the less interesting episode since the beginning of the series. While multi-stranded storytelling is an interesting procédé, I'm afraid it weakened the series this week. Heroes Reborn needs to speed up thing a bit, otherwise I'm worried about the future of the show.


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