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Something I recently realised is that our beloved Jennifer Lawrence is coming to the end of a whole section of her career. While she is still only 25, and has already won an oscar, she is soon no longer going to belong to the two franchises that have given her the biggest roles.

Next month the blockbuster ending to the Hunger Games Franchise will blast into cinemas with Mockingjay: Part 2.

And next year, X-Men: Apocalypse will mark the end of J-Law's time as the beautiful femme-fatale "Mystique". With both of these roles gone, you would be forgiven for thinking that Jennifer may have a lax schedule for a little while, but you must be forgetting that this is Jennifer Lawrence, and as such, always has more to do.

So instead of just scaring you and leaving you with the thought of less Jennifer Lawrence on our screens, here are a few of the projects she has lined up for the rest of this year and beyond!


Coming out this December, Joy is exciting for me because it's bringing back the team we love- Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, David O. Russell and Robert DeNiro. They've won oscars together, and I think they may do it again! Joy tells the story of four generations of a family, and follows one woman becoming the founder of a powerful business empire. It would be the film I am looking forward to the most in December if it wasn't for Star Wars!


In 2016 we will get to see Jennifer team up with the amazing Chris Pratt in the sci-fi love story Passengers, also starring Michael Sheen. What will it entail? A whole lot of awesome judging from the cast! Let's not forget the last time that Chris Pratt was in a sci-fi film...

Red Sparrow!

The film adaption of the Jason Matthews espionage thriller is set to star Lawrence. The film will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who worked with Jennifer on the last two Hunger Games installments.

Darren Aronofsky's Indie Film!

Not much is known about this film, as Aronofsky is keeping it very much under wraps, but Jennifer is attached to it, and it seems she will stay that way after she recently dropped out of the "Rosie Project" which was a highly sought after role before Jen was cast, and now it is again.

So that, as well as some fascinating writing on the pay difference between male and female actors, is what our beloved Jennifer Lawrence is getting up to in the next stage of her wonderful career!


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