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did you know those 6 amazing facts?

poison ivy is the great "mother nature" in the dc universe. she is a super villain and eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants. before fighting batman, poison ivy was Pamela Isley, a botanist who got into an accident driving her insane. ivy will do anything to protect plants and nature, and uses sadistic abilities to move anyone standing in her way. she has teamed up with a lot of people in the comic book pages, like catwoman and my previous post-star, Harley Quinn.

so now that we know her background, lets start digging deeper to the interasting stuff.

1. don't trust ivy

this might be an obvious, number one rule to being a friend with a villain, but ivy takes it to the next level.

you shall be proud of yourself red.
you shall be proud of yourself red.

ivy was a full time member of the birds of prey for a while, but it was later discovered that she was using the team for her own interests. she betrayed the team to support the cause of keeping mother nature alive. now that is extreme.

on the process, she also took batgirl to help her, later to get kicked out of the team.

another fun fact: she was asked by black canary, and she did not volunteer.

2. ivy is married, twice?!

in the new 52, ivy took control of clayface with her sadistic powers and poisons. she convinced him they were married, so he can be her bodyguard and protect her. later that storyline, batman released clayface's mind. but ivy did not give up.

in an alternative universe, ivy is actually married to Harley Quinn, and fast they became one of the most popular couples in comics.

real mad love!
real mad love!

3. plants can rot

in the storyline rot-world ivy tried to abandon her villainous ways and be good. that failed badly.

look at her right hand...
look at her right hand...

due to that. ivy's hand got rotten. this did not affect her powers, but is just prof of how villainous she is, so bad she cant be tamed.

sure you are
sure you are

4. ivy has another amazing special power.

in ivy's first appearance, she was established as batman's most dangerous new batman villain. but ivy has a special power in that issue, in addition to her mind manipulation and plant control, she can... climb walls?

all you need is to be red and blue and you are lady spider man!
all you need is to be red and blue and you are lady spider man!

yes, ivy did indeed get her name because of that. she climbed walls like a poison ivy plant, and not because of her plant control. actually, her plant controlling powers came about 10 years after the original incarnation. also, she actually has poison in her lips killing almost any man she kisses.

5. ivy can shapeshift?!

in the new 52, Ivy wears a black body suit with leave patterns on it. her skin is flash colored again, but she states that her green skin is actually still there somewhere. later it was confirmed that she actually decided to change her skin, which means she can technically choose when to be green. cool hey?

6. criminal: a fancy excuse?

in the storyline of island paradise batman tired to find about the old life of ivy, figuring out that her parents were dead. in that time, ivy stated that she became a criminal only to find a place to live in peace with her plants.

isn't obvious to see through the surface is it?
isn't obvious to see through the surface is it?

ivy has had a few short periods to have some "mom to son" time with her plants, but always to be interrupted by batman, superman, wonder woman, or any other hero/villain.

which fact did you find interesting?

so this is it, 6 facts about the smexy poison ivy. hope you liked this new post!


who should my next fact post be about?


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