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We all have our own fan theories on the upcoming sequel, Star Wars Episode VII. Here is just a few that might make sense. You decide.

1. Han Solo Dies

From all of the concepts we've seen of the new episode, it looks as though Han Solo doesn't make it out alive. This is almost a definite possibility in my mind, as George Lucas had originally planned to kill off Han Solo in Episode V. This opens up a possibility for someone new to inherent the Millennium Falcon, which I believe Poe Dameron might do. Question is though, who kills Han Solo? Most likely Captain Phasma in which Poe has a personal vendetta out on now if he already didn't have one against her.

2. Finn is Lando Calrissian's son

Yes, yes... the first though that comes to mind is "what the fuck?" However if you think about it it makes sense. I don't usually look at the world through this lense but Lando is black and Finn is black soooo.... I mean there is another possibility of being someone else's son but Lando makes the most sense as of genetics. Now other than that, it would be totally meta if J.J. Abrams made the son of a minor character like Lando into one of the main cast of the new movies. Also how good does this sound, Finn Calrissian.

3. Luke is a crazy old hermit with no kids

This one I'm not too sure about, but it's a possibility like everything else.after the fall of the Empire Luke devotes his time to learning more about the force. Thus giving him no time to find a companion and marrying her and having kids. He basically becomes yoda or old Ben.

4. Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker's old apprentice

Luke recruited Kylo Ren for skills with the force, seeing great potential in the young pupil he trains him. However Kylo believes he is not strong enough and desires more power. Turning to the dark side he gathers old sith relics to boost his strength. Luke skywalker goes into hiding and meditating after he fails his young apprentice.

Hope you enjoyed my theories! Tell me what you think!


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