ByHawk Livingston, writer at
No, no, and NO! Disney is already screwing up an established universe by NOT bringing in Luke's wife, son niece (?) and nephew(s). Mara Jade was an extremely popular character for two generations of fans, and i'm already upset about them not bringing her in. While Boba Fett was never my favorite, i warmed up to him a lot and felt sympathy for him when he found out his wife was also frozen in carbonite. As well as when Jacen Solo killed his only daughter. For them to even CONSIDER touching his ethnicity is an insult and i'm so flaming tired of all this political correctness that is going on. Also, Fabtastic Four not only touched Johnny's ethnicity, but they also made SUE adopted. Sorry, but she's his biological sister. The ORIGINAL Fantastic Four film back in 2005 did a better job than the current one. I'm all for diversity, but create NEW characters, and stop touching established characters. If we white washed ANY African American or other ethnicity character, then i understand backlash and it is well deserved; make a caucasian character a dofferent ethnicity and it's okay? Flaming double standard snakes.

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