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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

We love watching cute cartoons on Saturday mornings and gathering around the TV to watch our favorites from the past. But what if they all were kinda a little dark and/or crazy - would you still love them? Well you're about to find out - scroll on down and check out your favorite animated characters drawn in a twisted way by amazing artist, Tohad!

The Power Puff Girls

What happened to the cute, big - eyed, little girls? Well they've been through a bit and took a dark turn. Watch out - they're no longer protecting the streets, they're running them. - Art by Tohad

Wreck-It Ralph

I think Fix-It Felix had way to much of being the good guy - everyone has their breaking point! He even brought along Ralph - together they'll raise hell and maybe, just maybe murder a little. - Art by Tohad


If you like kids you surely gonna hate them now - how would you feel with them crawl towards you in the night, frightened? Scared? Uneasy? Whatever you're feeling, you better run. - Art by Tohad

Noddy In Toyland

I used to think Noddy was evil back in the day, turns out I was right. The little wooden boy is out for revenge - you played with him now he'll play with you, Time to learn the hard way to play nice with your toys. - Art by Tohad

Ariel The Little Mermaid

Now you know when you see a Mermaid in the ocean, she won't be combing her hair with a fork, she'll be coming at you with one. Make sure to watch out for Flounder - that little fish wants flesh. - Art by Tohad


This ogre is out and hungry! Lock your doors, hide the kids, he coming for all and not a soul is safe. Not even Donkey got away... I know he got on Shrek's nerves but I didn't think it was that bad, I hope Boots is okay. - Art by Tohad


Oh Flynn how many times did you try to give her the Smolder to get out of this one? Seems like it didn't work. Y'all thought the grudge was bad - wait till you meet Rapunzel. - Art by Tohad

Dora the Explorer

Dora is a badass explorer nowadays and Boots grew up into a crazy ass baboon, still sporting his little red boots though. I would hate to have them hunting me down. - Art by Tohad


All Ash ever did was protect Pikachu, in the end he couldn't protect himself. Pika-pika maybe look kinda crazy and not trustworthy but he's still kawaii as f**k if I do say so myself. - Art by Tohad

The Teletubbies

They used to be such sweet, little, baby life forms...? Although I was never really sure what they were. But now I'm kinda fearing for the human race - I hope they don't plan on dumping that toxic waste all over earth! - Art by Tohad

Now that wasn't that bad right? Yeah.... Who am I kidding? That was super creepy! But this is the month were we all get to be a little dark, twisted and creepy... Mwahaha! Let me know which twisted character was your favorite in comments and Happy Halloween MPers! Don't forget to go check out more of Tohad's art here!


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