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Brandon Swofford

What if the furious five (Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis and Monkey) turned into the fast and furious family?

Ironically, from pictures taken by stalking reporters outside of Vin Diesel's boat, the action star has been taking time off and looks like a PANDA lately..

Honestly, Vin has earned that! Getting jacked for a Fast movie sounds exhausting! For example, if I was Chris Hemsworth, I would be counting the days for my time as the God of thunder to be over so I could hit up every taco bell on the street! Enjoy yourself, Vin! You deserve it!

Anyways, check out Vin Diesel's deep voice through the fluffy, fast-moving panda, Po, and Dwayne Johnson's voice through the wise, hard-hitting red panda, Master Shifu, in my newest mash-up trailer:

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