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We have never seen such a complex, action packed, and interesting year than we will with 2016. Not only are there many original movies coming out, but also an extreme amount of sequels. With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, Independence Day: Resurgence, and many more, we are about to be thrown onto a roller coaster of true excitement. But with the crazy movie year ahead, there will probably be some surprises as well. Here are 3 bold predictions I have for the movies of 2016.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Will Beat Out Captain America: Civil War

Probably the biggest two superhero movies premiering in 2016, people have been asking the question, which of the two movies will make more money and have more success? Well, in my opinion, I think that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the real winner of the battle. Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many movies to back it up and the DC Cinematic Universe only has one, Batman v Superman pulls more weight in the superhero world, and will pull more fans at the end of the day.

Star Wars: Rogue One Will Be The Highest Grossing Movie

You can argue multiple ways on this one. There are plenty of highly anticipated films with huge fanbases coming out next year, but I think the Star Wars universe has the largest. This prediction could depend on how Star Wars: The Force Awaken, is received later this year. If the upcoming movie is bad, this could affect the performance of the Star Wars movie scheduled to come out the next year. But if Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a success, then I think my prediction will prove true.

We Will Have A Superhero Movie Bomb

As there are 7 superhero movies scheduled next year, I think that more than one of them will bomb. In my opinion, 7 is just to much. I know I will see them all, but your regular person will probably get tired of the constant comic book based genre. Deadpool, Gambit, and Doctor Strange all have things going against them. Deadpool is rated R, and Gambit and Doctor Strange are relatively smaller superheroes. All of these things will lead to at least one superhero bomb.

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