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If you are a superhero fan like me, you have been counting down the days until we have the premiere of the show based on Superman's younger cousin, Supergirl. One question we have been asking though is will Superman make an appearance? This is the question that has been lingering in the air ever since Supergirl was announced.

But Will Superman Make an Appearance?

The executive producer, Sarah Shetcher, gave a pretty blunt reason why Superman will not make an appearance on Supergirl:

"I think the reason why Superman's not on the show is because it's not about him. And it's her show and it's about her and he is just sort of a shadow in the back of her psyche, and I think that's the right way to portray him because that's the way she experiences him."

Even though we would like to see Superman make an appearance, she does have a very good point. The show's focus should be solely on Kara Danvers, and her alone. They shouldn't be focused on an appearance by Superman, not even a cameo.

Even Though He Isn't in the Show, Could He Still Play a Part?

Even though she says that Superman is not a character in the show, she does say that he plays a part. She states that Superman plays a part in the psyche of Supergirl. This could be an even more important role than Superman playing a character in the show. Being in her psyche could influence what she does and how she perceives things. But whether or not Superman will make an appearance is still partially up for debate.

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