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Fox new drama that is about how Gotham came to need a Batman in the first place has its fans and people who flat out hate it.


It's not for me.

(Please excus my grammerical errors)

Like Smallville before it the show stops being about "the story of your favorite super-hero before they became your favorite super-hero" and just something else entirely. Gotham is viewed more as another reality we got your Riddlers, Penguins, catwoman (or catgirl) Jokers and so on but instead of taking on the Bat they take on the Commissioner.

Now in Detective comics #27 the first appearance of Batman Gordon is ALREADY Commissioner (and close friends with Bruce Wayne) so if the show ends with Gordon becoming commissioner but having to make deals and compromises that still leave the city a cesspool of crime that he thought he could change in his new position when a costume vigilante appears and reignites Gordon's fire to fix Gotham well that sounds awesome and exactly how Gotham should end. My problem is that I hate


when comic book characters already know each other before becoming heroes. Marvel did it with Wolverine, Nick Fury, Captain America, Bucky, and Black Widow. I think they also did it with spidey's parents and Iron man. Bats and Supes met as children over at DC and it seems pointless and stupid. Poison ivy, Riddler, Penguin, Scarecrow, and Catwoman all know Gordon long before their actual super-villain careers and events in Gotham like with Jerome playout exactly like the Joker who I guess when he does show up will be considered a copy-cat. I hate it because it implies its destiny that the man of steel and the dark knight would become the world's finest or that Cap, Widow, Buck, Logan and whoever else would all become Avengers and save the world together but it brings nothing to the story. I even consider prophecies to be lazy story telling.

Now Gotham will never show Batman so what's the point? I mean we will more then likely get a comic with the Gotham Batman operating and Gordon helping him become the world's greatest detective as they hunt down these criminals who have up their game since Gordon was dealing with them like Smallville season 11 (which was awesome!)

But that's not the point of this article


A different look at Gotham is what is the TV show actually dug deep. Took stories from Batman lore and went the True Detective route with it and crafted a stories that would lead to a cesspool crime-riddled city that needa a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight

SEASON ONE-Court of Owls

Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered leaving their son Bruce Wayne an orphan. New to the GCPD detective James Gordon works the case with his partner Arnold Flass the investigation takes them to a satanic, orgy parties of Gotham's upper class hosted by the mysterious Black Glove (from Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P. story arc). Alfred having lost his friends takes it upon himself to seek vengeance by looking into the time Thomas Wayne helped mobster Lew Moxon after he had been shot several times but later turned him into the police (Jeph Loeb changed it to Falcone in Batman: The Long Halloween but it was Moxon) as young Bruce Wayne does some investigating of his own into an old child's fairytale the court of owls (Scott Snyder first run on Batman in the new). Through the story we get to see the different sides of Gotham the higher class, lower class. It's own history. Eventually Gordon gets an inkling of GCPD's corruption by how they view the rich versus the mob. As Alfred is forced to do away with his own grief when he realizes Bruce has gone missing whilet investigating the Court of Owls. The season ends with Bruce ultimately believing the court is made up but the viewers would get a look at the mysterious Talon watching Wayne manor.


Inspired by Batman: year two (hence why it's season 2). The mysterious vigilante known as the Reaper is killing drug dealers, prostitutes, mobsters all those who are ruining Gotham. Naturally Flass and Gordon are on the case and the corruption becomes more evident when the GCPD is working with the mob and Gordon learns quickly to trust no one in Gotham. As young Bruce becomes inspired by the Reaper and wants to learn how to kill bad guys even going so far to brutally attack a Bully at school and Alfred teaches the boy an important lessons about the valuing a life. Young Selina kyle is forced to learn how to survive on the mean streets of Gotham after her mother is murdered and she escapes from foster care. Things come to a head when the Reaper targets Bruce Wayne to be his protege leading to an all out assult by the GCPD and their S.W.A.T. team on Wayne manor


Philip Wayne (the Untold legend of Batman) the elder brother of Thomas and Bruce's Uncle returns to Gotham to assume guardianship of the boy and take over Wayne enterprises.

As Bruce is shipped off to boarding school and Alfred fired. Lucius Fox fights for control of Wayne enterprises as its CEO placed in charge by Thomas before he died. Philip teams with Oswald Cobblepot of Cobblepot industries for their corporate take over. Meanwhile on the streets of Gotham the Falcone family takes on the Maroni crime family as both try to take over for Lew Moxon after he was killed by the Reaper. Armed with new guns Gordon and Flass try to get to the bottom of who is dealing these weapons getting help from young Selina Kyle who is the mysterious Penguin? Out at Gotham Academy a serial killer is on the loose Mr. Whisper (Batman: Gothic) and Bruce and his friends Thomas Elliot, and Erin and Shannon McKillen investigate.

Gordon suspects Cobblepot as Penguin but end up getting mobster Fish Mooney instead (something clever about Penguin eating Fish?). As Bruce learns he has a guardian angel in the Outsider (we learn season one it's Alfred)

Those are just the first three seasons. With 12-13 episodes tightly written series I think it could properly build a Gotham that needs a Batman with more thought I could probably do the entire series to Batman's eventual appearance. Some crazier ideas is Thomas Wayne jr. Locked up in Willowwood home for children. take a page from Gotham central and show other GCPD detectives interacting with future Bat-villains or characters and introduce Jeramiah Ark ham who gets Arkham Asylum back up and running believing Gotham has a huge problem with the mentally ill. That's just what I would have preferred to of seen from Gotham instead of what we got. If you enjoy it, good for you. Like I said it's not my thing and that's why I thought of this. Any more ideas other Bat fans can think of? That would lead to Gotham needing the Batman?


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