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This is the first collaboration of Timothy Woodward, Jr (director) and Sean Ryan (writer) and, Lord willing, it is the last.
The minds behind this staccato series of jumpcuts, chest exploding shootouts, and NCIS magic forensics, have managed to answer a question that has plagued me for years:
What if No Country For Old Men was just awful and had no redeeming qualities?

The Good, The Bad and the Dead, formerly titled Forgotten (4Got10), released on Sept 11, 2015, opens as Brian Barns aka The Outlaw wakes and finds himself in the aftermath of what appears to be a drug sale gone wrong. Surrounded by dead bodies, and wounded, he quickly plays possum as the local law enforcement arrives.

Sheriff Olson seeing a pile of untraceable drug money kills Deputy Perez before being shot by our eponymous hero who reveals that he's suffering from amnesia...
Then the story really starts goes downhill.

The characters are introduced via Western-style banners ("The Kid", "The Sheriff", "The Outlaw", ad infinitum), regardless of whether they're main characters or not , a style that barely worked 40 years ago. Here, its boring and seemingly the director's way of saying "Things could have been left to extrapolation and your imagination, but that's hard!"
There's no depth, no surprises, and the "final twist" is about as shocking as what happens when a wine glass is thrown at the floor.


No one is believable and most of the dialogue sounds canned and forced. I couldn't even find it in myself to enjoy the performances of Dolph Lundgren, Vivica Fox , or Danny Trejo.

This movie could have almost been saved if it was tagged as a parody or a black comedy, but even the events and conversation that would have been casually funny, or at least believably slapstick, always manage to fall flat.

Watch for the shootout in the third act and let me know if it reminds you of anything.

All I could think about when I saw the scene.
All I could think about when I saw the scene.

Please look for this film in your favorite big box retailers discount DVD bin.

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