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Kendall with the rangers in ghost costumes.
Kendall with the rangers in ghost costumes.

Today's episode was magnificent!

I gotta tell ya, I enjoy it alot.

Okay, what I like about the episode

is that ms. Morgan can't even imagine

that the rangers wear all the ghost costumes

and especially when ms. Morgan looks marvelous

on the cupid costume! But I can't actually understand

why duplicon returns on that episode.

But it is funny of how which ranger got kidnap,

So it was koda who got kidnap! Cause he always call

ms. Morgan, Kendall.

But still about duplicon, i still can't believe he come back.

Is he still going to be around or join in sledge's army?

But anyway, Happy Halloween to everyone

and I hope you'll get lots & lots of candy this year.


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