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It's that time of the week again my friends. That time of the week where I use one of my articles to celebrate something or someone I admire and love.

This week, I'm here to sing the praises of "The Fastest Man Alive" and the one and only Grant Gustin, who at this point are one and the same (Well, to me anyway).

Grant Gustin has rapidly become one of my favourite people to watch on television. He has captured the essence of both The Flash and Barry Allen's characters perfectly and his charm and personality shine through and make it a joy to tune in each week.

The CW has broke incredible ground when it has come to the DC universe on television. Shows like Arrow and The Flash have set a new bar for the superhero genre on TV and just like Stephen Amell doing an incredible job bringing Oliver Queen to life, the same can be said for Grant Gustin and Barry Allen.

I have to admit when I first heard the news of a Flash TV series and started seeing the cast come together, I was a little bit dubious. Not because I'm a die hard fan boy that hates anything that isn't a direct translation from the comic page, but more of a creature of comfort that is a little resilient towards new things (I'm 25 and I've only just started trying fruits that aren't either apples or bananas).

Then the 28th of October 2014 came rolling around and after that hour I was hooked instantly, The Flash had far exceeded all of my expectations. The team dynamic and chemistry was brilliant and provided a lot of comic relief as well as serious tension and gripping drama throughout the entire season. Cisco Ramon has to be one of thee best characters written for comedic value alone.

Grant Gustin stole the show and brought a sense of levity and humour to the role. His natural charisma and his instant likeability came through in spades to help with the tough task of bringing the scarlet speedster life on the small screen. The show's brilliance and dedication to the fans has been nothing short of amazing and have built one of the best universes on people's screens. The amazing crossover episodes with the Arrow actually even made me give that show a second chance and now I love it. The chemistry between the two actors makes for some brilliant viewing where you can see an incredible and genuine friendship, which really makes those scenes of levity for Barry and Oliver that much better (especially the friendly competition).

The Flash didn't just bring the talented Grant Gustin into the spot light, a man who can make you laugh and then break you emotionally in a split second. It brought us the greatest body swap drama since Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis broken open those fortune cookies in Freaky Friday. A mystery that had me baffled saying "Wells is The Reverse Flash. No wait, Eddie's The Reverse Flash. No actually, Dr.Wells has to be, I'm sure of it." followed by "Oh, I was half right I guess!".

Tom Cavanagh brought to life one of the greatest villains of the last year - a villain that had fans guessing and second guessing his motives and intentions. With every moment on screen, he could perfectly win everyone over allowing both the characters on screen and the fans at home to warm to him, then instantly allude to his true evil.

Grant Gustin's and Tom Cavanagh's on screen chemistry made for some compelling viewing. Their constant doubting and mistrust in each other whilst simultaneously hiding secrets they knew about each other made the drama and tension surrounding The Reverse Flash that much more intriguing.

The show's creators and the actors themselves on this show are often commended from their adoring fans on their various social media sites, and rightfully so. The level of brilliance they bring to our screens each week is nothing short of fantastic and the passion they bring and the dedication they show their fans is truly admirable. Hey, they even managed to make Gorilla Grodd work so that's amazing in and of itself.

Whether it's reaching out to his fans on his Twitter account or entertaining the masses on Instagram - Grant Gustin is a man of the people, a self confessed nerd and an all round great guy.

Even with the recent wave of criticism towards the male sex and their physiques, especially those in Hollywood, Grant Gustin stood up and voiced his opinion on the matter. He stood up for himself and called out all the haters out there Tweeting,

"Hey. Just a PSA.People Telling me to "Put on 10lbs". Fuck off. That's the same as telling someone to lose 10. Lemme do me. You do you."

But whatever your thoughts are on the issue, you've gotta admire his courage. I read a brilliant article by Alisha Grauso that built upon this subject and I found both his comments and the article itself pretty uplifting. But more to the point he has proven that he is a voice of strength and inspiration not only as The Flash, but in real life also.

As a former doubter of this show's ability to be able to accurately capture the character and more importantly capture well, I'm more than happy to eat humble pie (as long as I can eat it watching The Flash).

Grant Gustin and the entire cast really bring this show to life and the brave directions the show's creators are taking make me really excited for the future of this slice of the DCEU.

Not to mention with the arrival of Earth 2 within the show they could get around their "Superman" and "Batman" issues.

Prepare for some not so subtle fan character casting

Val-Zod as their Superman alternative from Earth 2.

Either Earth 2's Thomas Wayne as their answer to Batman or the Dick Grayson version if you can't use the Wayne name.

They could always return once the rift's get closed in one big series crossover event. but anyway, I digress.

Grant Gustin's winning personality and skill as an actor has helped to build this show as one of my favourites, one that I look forward to every week and the underlying mysteries that are yet to come make it all the more addictive. The show's creators have done an amazing job at bringing both The Flash and Green Arrow to life in a believable and intense universe that pulls you in more and more as the seasons pass and I'm so glad I'm around as fan in this generation.


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