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A while back in an interview Radcliffe stated that he would love to be in a buddy cop movie with Dwayne Johnson. Who wouldn't, am I right? But I thought of some more wonderfully fantastic pairing and you can see them below!

Benetom Hiddlebatch

Tom Hiddleston (LEFT) Benedict Cumberbatch (RIGHT)
Tom Hiddleston (LEFT) Benedict Cumberbatch (RIGHT)

The overwhelming fan girl population that would show up to see this movie would be enough to trample every box office standard ever. Seriously, the MCU wouldn't even stand a chance. This movie could overshadow Star Wars VII for Christ's sake!

Hell's Bitchin'

Gordon Ramsay (LEFT) Clint Eastwood (RIGHT)
Gordon Ramsay (LEFT) Clint Eastwood (RIGHT)

Two of the angriest men that have stood behind a camera. Even though Gordon Ramsay is an absolute sweetheart, he did get quite passionate about people's cooking. Eastwood on the other hand just has this quiet anger about him and these two guys attacking one poor, helpless, terrified guy.

The Franco Brothers

James Franco (LEFT) Dave Franco (RIGHT)
James Franco (LEFT) Dave Franco (RIGHT)

These two brothers of charm are a big focus in Hollywood and especially Dave Franco, who has been absolutely killing it as of late. This buddy cop movie would be fantastic as long as it is written and directed by Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.


Which one would you want to see the most?


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