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Patrick Conley
...eep a genre alive virtually forever. What kills it is access to that genre. If the studios decide that "Superhero" movies aren't making enough money, they won't give them a second thought. Every creative effort has ebbs and flows of public interest and every genre experiences this. If someone came up with a "Western" story that's compelling to someone in Hollywood that's willing to take a risk on it, you would see a wave of "Western" movies, just like the "Superhero" movie explosion we are now riding in. The thing I think would kill the current trend is when the people who put out the source material kill their golden goose and despoil their genre. The bloody knife will be in the studios and Comic Companies (Marvel and DC) not in the general public's. As an example "Jonah Hex" if kept true to the source material would have been an awesome western, but the respect for the source wasn't there (Giving Jonah Hex a supernatural bend.) Just watch the Showcase Animation of Jonah Hex for what was as close to the source as it could be. If they wanted a Supernatural bend maybe they should have checked out another Showcase Animation, The Spectre, All it take is a Baby Ruth candy bar of a movie to clear out the "Superhero" pool and all that will be left is a fan cleaning it out saying "It's no big deal...."

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