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As you may have heard, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has recently stated that he wants to play a Marvel villain. This news is very welcome, because everyone loves both Marvel and Bryan Cranston! The two together would be perfect! So going off of this note, I would like to suggest some Marvel villains that Bryan Cranston could bring to life.

Mr. Sinister

Of course I have to get Mr. Sinister out of the way, because Bryan Cranston actually stated that this is the character he would like to play. He's perfectly cut out for it, too! He has the look, he can play sinister characters very well, and he could bring a D-list villain to life for an upcoming X-Men film. This could change the state of the character forever, and he could be remembered as one of the greatest threats the X-Men have ever faced.


If they ever decided to integrate Ghost Rider into the MCU, Bryan Cranston would make a menacing Mephisto. He has the screen presence to take on the human form of the character, or they could use CGI on him and use his voice talents to bring the character to life.

Fin Fang Foom

Like I said earlier, Bryan Cranston has an immense amount of voice talent, and I believe that he could nail the voice of Fin Fang Foom. With Doctor Strange coming up in 2016, it's plausible that we may see Fin Fang Foom in the movie, and who better than Bryan Cranston to bring him to life?


Bryan Cranston looks like Electro ripped right off the page, and after Jamie Foxx's unsatisfactory portrayal of the character, I think that Cranston has what it takes to restore the character's reputation. He's an amazingly ranged actor that could play the kind of crazy needed for this type of villain, and he really looks the part to a tee!

Lizard Man

Bryan Cranston has what it takes to play a tormented scientist, we've all seen that before. That's basically who Curt Connors is. Cranston has more than enough charisma to play an uber smart scientist, and he wouldn't be playing someone that's entirely a villain, and that's the type of character he's most cut out to play.

Doc Ock

Speaking of sophisticated characters, Bryan Cranston would do an amazing job bringing Doc Ock to life as well. Another scientist that's not entirely evil at first, a character like this is right in Cranston's forte.

The Vulture

Bryan Cranston certainly has the look for this character, and while he is better suited for the scientist type character, Cranston does have an extraordinary acting range. If you gave this man a green striped costume and a wing-pack, then he could bring this character to life with ease!


Bryan Cranston playing a villain that does what he does for his family, it's meant to be! I hate to cast him in a role that has so many similarities to his Breaking Bad character, but hopefully the fact that he can make himself turn into sand is enough of a differentiating factor


Since The Punisher will be joining Marvel's Daredevil, it's completely plausible that we'll see Jigsaw pop up as one of his foes. While Bryan Cranston might not seem like the mobster type, I believe that he could bring this character to life like we've never seen him before. He could provide less of a Joe Pesci mobster feel and more of a sophisticated, sadistic mob boss.

J. Jonah Jameson

Alright, so J.J.J. technically isn't a villain, but wouldn't you love to see Bryan Cranston take up the mantle of this grizzly character? He has the look of the character, he has the acting skills to bring the gruff, angry Jameson on screen, and if he could get the voice down, he could be perfect!


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