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Morena Baccarin, star of the show Firefly and its companion movie Serenity, has quite the resume in the comic-book field. She's played roles for both Marvel and DC, but can you guess how many? I highly doubt you can (there's so damn many), so let's list them all.

1. Black Canary (Justice League Unlimited)

Baccarin's first role in the comic book area was in Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited, from 2005 to 2006. In the show, she develops a relationship with Green Arrow and a partnership with The Huntress. She wouldn't go on to voice Black Canary in other media, but her next role didn't stray too far away from this one.

2. Cheetah - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

After the end of Justice League: Unlimited in 2006, she had a number of minor and major roles in movies and TV shows, only re-entering the field in 2011. She briefly took the role of Cheetah in Batman: The Brave and The Bold, for a single episode. In the episode, she teams up with Joker and Lex Luthor to take down the trinity. Apparently, being a villain suited her, which is why she stayed a villain for her next role as . . .

3. Talia al Ghul - Son of Batman

Her third role didn't stray to far from what she was used to, playing another DC character: Talia al Ghul. Son of Batman adapted the Son of the Demon storyline, where Talia al Ghul seduces Batman and has Damian Wayne. The movie ended with Talia returning to Nanda Parbat to rebuild the League of Assassins. Being an animated character for so long must've gotten boring, because her next role was in live-action, but still just a voice role. The role?

4. Gideon - The Flash

Bet you didn't know this one! Yes, Morena Baccarin voiced Harrison Wells' futuristic A.I. in The Flash. Her character didn't go too far in terms of development, just being a constant source of news for the characters on the show. However, this isn't the only time she's going to be blue, you'll see later on in this list.

5. Leslie Thompkins - Gotham

Leslie Thompkins is one of my favourite characters on Gotham. She's the perfect character! She's witty, she's sincere, and she's smart. A great replacement for Barbara (who I'll admit has a very entertaining path this season), considering she's not whining and complaining the whole damn episode. It's her first comic-book role where she's live action, something that I find particularly interesting after seven years in the industry.

6. Copycat - Deadpool

The one and only Marvel role on this list is Copycat, in next year's Deadpool. From what we've seen in trailers and set photos, she'll be an *ahem* lady of the night who develops a romantic relationship with Wade Wilson. The importance of her character in the movie is unknown, but it seems like we'll see her powers, considering the number of different hairstyles we see in the trailer/photos/set pics. No idea whether we'll see her blue skin (fingers crossed though)!


What's your favourite Morena Baccarin role?


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