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He Knows all your secrets
He Knows all your secrets

Right so this will be a short post as there isn't much to say about it other than its a great film, that really shows off Robin Williams's talents as a actor. But like most humans on this planet I have a great curiosity.

So I say was the entire film an figment of Seymour "Sy" Parrish (Robin Williams) imagination ? Let's break it down.

● the start of film is like most other films at the start, we believe it's really happening. But then we see Sy's connection with the Yorkin family: husband Will (Michael Vartan), wife Nina (Connie Nielsen), and their son Jake (Dylan Smith) grow into an obsession.

● But then there is scene in an restaurant where Sy is talking to a waitress and showing her his work (showing her all the photos he has developed for the Yorkin family, but secretly he made a copy of all the photos) she asked if they are his family, he replied yes.

● then there is another scene where he parks his car outside there house, he then walks into the house to see no one is around. Sy walks around the whole house then decided to have a beer on their behalf on their couch, suddenly the family walks in and sat hey as if there all one big family. However that does not happen as we see Sy still in the car imagining it all happening.

● saved the best for last, at the very end we see I repeat we see Sy in a family photo with the Yorkin family. So my conclusion is that Sy dreamt the whole thing up cause, he mentioned in the film that as a child he was force to do things no child should ever do so as a way to escape his nightmare he dreams up a perfect family but as in flaws with Will cheating on his wife for his own amusement.

Now don't let this put you off from watching this brilliant film.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment peace out.


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