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Marc Hill

As everyone knows, DC is keeping its various TV, animated, and cinematic universes separate. Lots and lots of people have a problem with this and I have seen quite a few people say that this is a recipe for disaster simply because Marvel has integrated their shared Universe. This is not something I agree with. Allow me to explain.

First off DC has to differentiate itself from Marvel's offerings. If they were to simply copy Marvels hugely successful business model, it not only would appear as a desperation move on DC's part, but would creatively stifle the types of stories that they can tell. Keeping the universes separate allows more freedom and creativity in the movies and the tv shows, and allows them both room to breathe and get comfortable in their own skins. We now have the freedom to explore themes and plots over an extended amount of time in tv shows and there are some truly gifted actors in those shows. I love Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell in their respective shows, and see them as building a seperate DC TVverse across multiple shows with Legends of Tomorrow coming. This is exciting for building a world and people we can invest our time in and care about. This also allows Zach Snyder the freedom to follow different storylines in the cinematic universe, such as with the rumored appearance of Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Second, one of the cornerstones of DC has been the fact that they fully explore and utilize the multiverse. This is being glimpsed now in the Flash TV series. On a meta level, it opens a door to further connect the previous iteration of the Flash TV show that had John Wesley Shipp as the Flash, but who is now Barry Allen's dad, who also coincidentally tangled with Trickster played by Mark Hamill, who is also in this show. I am not saying this would happen, but the door is open. What this also means is that the possibility of EVERY iteration of the DC heroes is in a different Universe and can be used at any time. We can call The Dark Knight Trilogy one universe, Batman 66 another, Smallville another one, Arrowverse another, Tim Burton's Batman yet another.... the possibilities are endless. Anyone who has knowledge of DC understands what this means. It could be conceivable that the TV show versions would not only cross over into each other shows, but there could be a time where a reference or something could be made from any other universe, including the new cinematic universe.

If DC was smart, they would capitalize on this and make it their top selling point. It is heartening to know that it seems that they are already thinking this way if this 2014 quote by Geoff Johns is any indication:

“We look at it as the multiverse. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist.” – Geoff Johns.

I also think this is why DC could actually surpass Marvel when it is all said and done.


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