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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Vin Diesel has been rumored to be playing a second Marvel character other than providing his voice for the lovable Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. The one name that has been thrown around by fans and even himself is the character Black Bolt for the Inhumans film and many fans have expressed their interest in Vin Diesel donning the role of the very powerful yet speechless superhero and his latest sit down with IGN may prove he is perfect for the role!

Vin Diesel as Black Bolt is AWESOME! Even if he is silent!

Black Bolt is one of the most powerful yet dangerous Marvel villains around. As Diesel said, one word from Black Bolt has the ability to level the entire city of London! That is insane!

"If I said one word, I would level all of London,"

Vin Diesel seems to understand the character and the incredible power that Black Bolt possesses. If Vin Diesel were to be cast as Black Bolt it is apparent that his silent way of acting would be pretty awesome! Vin Diesel went on however to suggest that he may actually be in talks to play another Marvel Villain that NOBODY would expect!

Did Vin Diesel reference Adam Warlock?

Vin Diesel went on to mention talking with both his father and Marvel Studios about playing superhero roles. He made some comments that seem to reference a very particular Marvel character, ADAM WARLOCK!

"Whenever my father sends me an email, at the end of it he says 'stay human' – and it's cool and beautiful, but what is he really trying to say. Is he trying to say I've been affected by Terrigen Mist? Does he want to cocoon me again?"

If you don't know anything about Adam Warlock, here is a short little summary for you. Adam Warlock is a artificial "human" that was born/reborn inside of a cocoon. If this is in fact a reference to Adam Warlock, it seems that Vin's father and Kevin Feige have some interest in him stepping into that role, but would that work?

Vin Diesel as Adam Warlock?

Vin Diesel as Adam Warlock is definitely a casting choice that I think would leave many scratching their heads. Adam Warlock is quite the force within the Marvel Cosmic Universe and is a pretty bad-ass character but does Vin Diesel fit the role very well? Physically no, Adam Warlock has his signature blond locks and is a lot slimmer that Diesel. With that being said, it would be a completely new take on the character and it may be interesting to mix things up. While this is all speculation, it is clear to us that Vin Diesel will be expanding his role in the MCU in the form of some character, be it Black Bolt or Adam Warlock. Marvel definitely has a plan for Vin so only time will tell, I'm definitely pulling for Black Bolt though!


Would you rather Vin Diesel play Black Bolt or Adam Warlock?


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