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Mr. Dave Hester, the guy who always saids "YEP!!!!!!!!" at the auctions,

being the "mogul" in the show & has a history full of VILLAIN act.

Dave had owned Newport Consignment Gallery in costa mesa California

and the rags to Riches thrift store, but closed them in June 2011.

In storage wars, Dave always won in 1st place whenever

he found something valuable like antiques, books & everything else.

But that's not all, the fights are always onto him with the other buyers.

For instance, in "Almost the Greatest Show on Earth",

Dave & Jarrod had got into a little fight with nonsense

(as i can tell) but it doesn't account to me because it's an

argument fight.

Oh boy, that's gotta leave a mark.

The show's been keep on going & going & going

awesome, when suddenly, in December 2012, He was fired from the show, and sued the show's producers for wrongful termination; part of his lawsuit was tossed out in March 2013. It was so disappointing,

he all have to move on without him (which it was good).

But the bad news is, 2-years later, he returns!

Man, isn't that something? Or what?

The show went okay with Dave as continues to be the mogul

(and the villain of course), but the chaos part is that the auctions

always have nagging, shouting & little fights.

But you haven't see anything like this:

Dave vs Dan & Laura! Apparently when i see the commercial

of storage wars returning til October 6th, it captures

some footage of Dave, Dan & Laura complain about Dan

not seeing Hester bidding on the unit of what he saw.

So, for the 1st time in the show, there was huge chaos!

And here's the TMZ video footage:

Oh, my, god!!!!!!!!!

What kind of a Hester is that?

Started a fight? And throwing a woman?????

God! He shouldn't have known better.

But now I also see the commercial for this Tuesday's episode

of what's really going to happen between Dave & the Dotson's.

Dan, Laura & Dave.
Dan, Laura & Dave.

The way that Dave throw Laura like that, it was unbelievable!

Who saids that fight isn't real? I do.

Some people said "it's just acting", Some people said "It's real".

There's no way we could not have Dave come back

to the show like that. He screw up with sueing A&E (calling the show fake)

And throwing a woman down, he should get fired!!!!!

What do you think?


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