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Every once in a while, ABC Family does what's called a Harry Potter weekend, where on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they show Harry Potter films. You've just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and you just got your box of tissues for Cedric's death scene. Once the credits end, you plan to see the opening of Goblet of Fire, at the graveyard, but instead, we see Dudley and his friends bullying Harry on a playground.

What gives?

That movie is the movie in which Cedric Diggory dies, and Voldemort returns. You can't just skip that movie and think nothing of it. Why do they skip it?

Well, if you go on a website like, and look up Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you'll usually see that they are playing the movie on HBO, HBO2, or Cinemax. This is because ABC Family does not always have the rights to the film and right now (October 17, 2015), the rights belong to those channels.

Now I know why Voldemort is so angry.

And Voldemort's not alone there, either.


Notice how none of the pics I chose were from Goblet of Fire.

But know this, ABC Family, get the rights back for that movie or this could be YOU.


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