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Some of the worst Superhero movies of all time can be chalked up to either horrible writing or horrible acting. In the acting cases I am going to attempt to please more people with my choices. Here we go!

(2003) Daredevil: Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg in 2003 (The Italian Job)
Mark Wahlberg in 2003 (The Italian Job)

In 2003 Mark Wahlberg was 32 and he was in great shape. He had also just came out of cinematic success with The Italian Job. Therefore he would've been a great candidate to bring Matt Murdoch to life. Better than Ben "Ruined Daredevil Better Not Ruin Batman" Affleck.

(2007) Ghost Rider: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in 2007 (Lions For Lambs)
Tom Cruise in 2007 (Lions For Lambs)

Nicholas Cage was purely awful as Johnny Blaze and I believe with Tom Cruise (who was 45 in 2007) at the helm that movie would've been much, much better. Cruise is much smoother than Cage is when it comes to cockiness and charisma. Therefore, would've saved us from awkward flirting with Eva Mendes and given us normal flirting with Eva Mendes.

(2004) Catwoman: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie in 2004 (Taking Lives)
Angelina Jolie in 2004 (Taking Lives)

Halle Berry's Catwoman is my least favorite comic book movie adaptation ever. It, plainly as day, sucked. I believe Angelina Jolie (who would have been 29 in 2004) would've been wonderful. She's naturally seductive and is an amazing action star. She was at the prime of her physicality around this time (having just done Tomb Raider a year earlier) so it would've been great.


Who did you prefer of these three replacements?


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