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A YouTube channel going by the name of Sufficiently Advanced claims that he makes pretend things into real things. He really followed up on that claim by remaking Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and then taking it out to Venice Beach to see if anyone was worthy of lifting Thor's hammer. The results were pretty funny as people struggled to lift the thing.

The hammer is not only an example of great prop making but also pretty clever engineering. It's basically a giant magnet which is why he always places it down on a metal surface. The magnet sticks to the metal surface and can't be lifted unless it's turned off via the thumb scanner which, of course, is only registered to his thumb print.

That said, it does have the capacity to hold other fingerprints so he's more than down to have Stan Lee and Chris Hemsworth be worthy. The second I saw it I was floored. Also, it would make a pretty awesome cosplay prop.

The video was uploaded on October 11th and it already has 10 million views! Makes sense since it's a pretty awesome project. He only has two videos on his channel but I'm sure more awesome stuff is on the way. You can watch the whole video below.

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