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A comedy podcast about comic books, hosted by two funny guys from Houston Texas.
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Today on the show we discuss the differences between comic books and comic movies, who would win in a battle between Aquaman and Merman, and we have our first giveaway winner!

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Below is the list of books we read this week:

Adventure Time: The Flip Side 2

Apocalypse Al 1 – Justin’s #2 pick

Batman: Black and White 6

Barman: Joker’s Daughter 1

DC Comics Presents: Harley Quinn

Drumhellar 4

Forever Evil 5

God is Dead 6

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 5 – Miguel’s Pick for Worst Book

Mighty Avengers 6

Punisher 1 – Miguel’s #2 pick

Regular Show 9

Sidekick 5

Star Wars 5 – Justin’s Pick for Worst Book

Superior Carnage Annual 1 – BEST BOOK OF THE WEEK!

Superior Foes of Spider-Man 8

Wolverine 1

Older books

Battle Scars 1-6

Drumhellar 1-3

Green Arrow (New 52) Vol 1: The Midas Touch

Green Arrow (New 52) Vol 2: Triple Threat


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