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Room is based on the novel under the same title by Emma Donoghue. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson known for independent film "Frank" (2014) brings us another low-budget spectacular film about Ma (Brie Larson) who has been held captive in a room for years with her five-year old son Jack (Jacob Tremblay).

Jack's whole universe is a 11 by 11 room with only a bed, a tub, and an old TV. That's the only world that he has been able to experience, and that Ma has let him to believe that his little universe is nothing but perfect.

The movie starts with Jack turning five-years old. Ma is now she is trying to convince him that there's a big world outside those four walls waiting for him, and she starts plotting how to escape from Room.

When I was four I thought everything in TV was just TV, then I was five and Ma unlied about lots of it being pictures of real and Outside being totally real.

Introducing new-comer Jacob Tremblay a seven year-old actor who steals the show, giving an incredible performance next to Brie Larson.

It's a dark, heart-pounding story filled with hope, and love. It is essentially a story about the unbreakable bond between mother and son and how it helps them to cope in an unusual situation.

Emma Donoghue Q&A about adapting her own book to the screen.
Emma Donoghue Q&A about adapting her own book to the screen.

I will keep the review short. The film takes you on an experience of unexpected turns. Avoid watching the trailer or reading too much about it before watching it.

This film has a big possibility of being an Academy Awards contender. From the amazing adaptation of the book to the screen by Emma Donoghue to the unforgettable performance of Brie Larson.

This is a must watch film at the theaters!


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