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Typically we see most movie and TV monsters as what’s coming to get us, but, there are a few who are on our side. Let’s take a look at these characters, their monstrous legacy, and the heroes they are now.


Based on the concept of demons, this hero was originally brought to earth to help take it over. Fortunately, taken in by a good man, imparted with a strong sense of good, and a love of pancakes, Hellboy works to investigate the forces of evil and protect the rest of us from monsters, maniacs and what could be his own hell-born demonic family.

Originally a comic by Mike MIgnola, published by Dark Horse comics, this character was brought to the light in celluloid by Guillermo del Toro. Although origins and motivation are slightly altered, this film gives a true to life adaptation of the blue collar, big, red demon with a heart of tarnished gold.


The lead character from I, Frankenstein , is the creature created by Victor Frankenstein. After destroying Victor’s life the creature wanders aimlessly around the globe to find his destiny, and to be left alone. He is attacked by demons and manages to destroy them. He is taken to the sanctuary of the Gargoyle order.

This order is an ordained choir of angels (look it up here, this is the right word), to protect the human race from the ravages of the demon horde. The creature is brought before their queen and given means to defend himself. Over the course of the story, Adam becomes a protector and starts to change his world view. He starts on the path of a hero, and stands with the Gargoyle order.

And speaking of Gargoyles…


In the Disney animated series Gargoyles, Goliath is the leader of his small clan. Betrayed by the humans he once protected, he and his group are magically held in stone until modern times. Now trying to figure out their place in the world, Goliath provides an example to kin. Although there have been movies that have shown gargoyles as evil, demonic creatures, this TV series looked at these creatures in a whole new light. Influenced by Batman: The Animated Series, this cartoon used it’s lead to show that although something or someone can be scary, they can also be our friend. Although Goliath and company did not last more than a few seasons, it still retains a cult following and has been revived as a comic book, and has been explored as a movie and new TV series.


During the 1980’s, a unique hybrid of urban fantasy and Gothic romance emerged on the small screen. At the center of the show was a unique couple, Catherine played by a young Linda Hamilton and Vincent played by Ron Perlman. Our couple gave this TV show it’s title Beauty and The Beast.

Although possessing a face, talons, and ferociousness more akin to a jungle cat than a Romeo, our hero Vincent protected his lady love, and those around them.

Vincent was part of a great underground society that he helped to look after and young ones he helped to teach. Easily reciting Shakespeare or tearing bad guys apart, both aspects of the Beast, just served to secure the heart of his Beauty.

On the air for three seasons, it has been rotated on SyFy an other networks, and has a loyal following to this day.


So do you think monsters can be heroes ?


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