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Where is the trailer for Captain America: Civil War?

It's about 7 months until the movie shows up in theaters worldwide. And the world have been waiting for the trailer and this wait make the fans more and more excited just for the trailer.

It's very important to choose which side are you on, Team Iron Man or Team Captain America. This is a big event before The Avengers: Infinity War and also this is gonna be awesome.

The teams are awesome, this movie gonna be a lot action and heroes the MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe are all connected movies and TV show everybody knows that but not some character not show up in TV show or in theaters, and the tv show are really good, like Daredevil gonna be for season 2 by Netflix and Jessica Jones next month. The trailer show up last week. Check out belong.

has revealed a new official trailer for Daredevil season 2 during its panel at New York Comic Con.

The trailer is very good and make me so excited for season 2 that gonna be really cool, the trailer indicates that The Punisher (as Charlie Cox) will have a much bigger presence in a second season. and also gave the first look at Elektra, the female ninja assassin (played by Elodie Yung who has a black belt in karate). It will good be those character show in the theaters. Recent news that Daredevil gonna be in Captain America civil war make everybody crazy about it.

Please Marvel makes this happen!

In the moment that Marvel do not announced the trailer Captain America Civil war unfortunately we all have to wait, everyone wants that day coming soon as possible so do I. Don't miss Captain America Civil War may 6, 2016.

So guys, when do you expect the trailer? Are you excited? Let me know in the comments below


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