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When you think of boot camp, the first thing that comes to mind for most is Army Basic Training or even the exercise groups that a lot of people will throw together to help locals get into better shape. No one ever really considers a secret island full of troubled teens that have been abducted. An island meant to aid the troubled teens to improve their lives.

Upon watching the movie in its entirety I started doing some research on these kinds of boot camps and was honestly shocked to find out that they actually exist. These camps are dangerous. At the end of the movie, which was made in 2008, it talks about how there are still camps out there. Currently, I do not know for sure if these camps still exist or not as it has been seven years since the movie, but these camps are a danger to teens.

The concept of the camps may seem like a good idea to parents who are struggling to raise their “troubled” teens, but if the parents actually took the time to understand their teenagers and listen to what their problems may be then the existence of these camps wouldn’t be needed. Realistically, these camps are more like prison camps because the teens are being tortured and abused.

Mila Kunis' performance within the film was spectacular and definitely not expected at all. Mila is most known for her role as Jackie in That 70's Show, so her performance within Boot Camp was a huge change. This role showed how dynamic of an actress Mila really is.

Mila Kunis as Sophie
Mila Kunis as Sophie

This movie opened my eyes to what could be going on out in the world. There are dangerous people out there who create these camps and unless we fight back and shut them down to protect our teens these camps will not stop showing up.


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