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I post once awhile ,with a random story
A scienthic research was in development at the Pokemon lab ,professor oak and his partner were running tests on a Pokemon that has been known to be a shape shifter "The ditto " which has no gender and can form Into basically any Pokemon. the experiment Was to create a DNA that allows any genderless Pokemon the ability to create its own gender .so professor oak chose the ditto,it was genderless and vulnerable . the whole plan was to create a shape shifting Pokemon with a gender to breed with a legendary . when the DNA was finished they immediately tested it ,and amazingly enough it worked . a few hours later a trainer found a ball of black liquid in an ancient ruine on a mysterious Island located in the middle of the ocean . professor oak caged up the Pokemon and left the ball on the desk and headed to the Island .but while they were gone, the Pokemon got anxious ,she wanted to get out ,so she used her mind to shape shift into an Abra and then teleported out, and the sphere droped causing the liquid to touch the ditto ,the ditto evolved and became evil and disappeared into the night , devouring the souls of all Pokemon ,growing stronger each time. And the quest was On ! One trainer must find and control protect the world of Pokemon! To be continued.....

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