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Throughout the years, our favorite TV shows have undoubtedly given us our favorite villains. Though there were times when we probably wanted them to die, the villains make the show worth watching.

So here is a list of seven of the TV villains we actually miss.

1. Katherine Pierce (Vampire Diaries)


Katherine Pierce was by far one of my favorite villains. She was snarky and hilarious (especially when she was turned back into a human). I loved watching her. Period.

2. Lucifer (Supernatural)

C'mon. We all know that Mark Pelligrino is amazing. Lucifer was just...Not what anyone expected, I believe. One probably doesn't expect the devil to be so...likable. Even when he's bringing on the apocalypse. And trying to kill the Winchesters. I mean...He's just great.

3. Paul Dierden (Orphan Black)

Okay, to be fair, Paul wasn't really a villain. And when he was, he didn't really know he was. But he's on this list anyway, simply because.

4. Frank Gathers (Empire)

He was only in one episode, but I wish he had been in more. Chris Rock is good at being bad. And he doesn't look too shabby in those prison clothes, either. Unfortunately, we most likely won't be seeing anymore of him in Empire, unless it's in a flashback. Pity.

5. Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon a Time)

Okay, so he's not dead. Not really, anyway. But he's not dark anymore (mind you, I haven't watched the latest episode [S05E04]). I love Gold as a nice guy, just doesn't compare to Rumpel, in my opinion.

6. Malachai "Kai" Parker (Vampire Diaries)

Oh, Kai. He's definitely one of my favorite villains. Sarcastic and funny and cold. Just when you think he's gonna change, he doesn't and then you still love it. Or I should say 'loved' since he's super dead. Oh, well.

(Be sure and check out Chris Wood on the upcoming show, Containment, in 2016 on The CW)

7. Death (Supernatural)

Technically, he's not a villain either. But he wasn't really a good guy. He was just...Death. And he was adorably into fast food and sarcasm. Dammit, Dean. Why'd you have to kill him?

Who are your favorite villains who are no longer around?


Who's your favorite villain on the list?



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