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If you want to wreak havoc among nerds, just stroll on into a comic book store and casually announce who you believe to be the "best" superhero. and cover.

Ok, so perhaps Civil War won't break out right away (see what I did there?), but with thousands of characters and some strong fan feelings, you are bound to get into some intense conversations that way.

That said, it remains a favorite fandom pasttime to try and rank, categorize and compare some of the biggest names in nerddom. There are just so many possibilities!

Now, Costume Discounters has entered the fray with this amazing infographic of the twelve fiercest females in comics. While I'm not sure exactly what the criteria are for fierceness, there is no doubt that all of these ladies are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with our favorite heroes- even taking them down from time to time.

Some of these women have already made it to the screen, either in classic superhero movies, new offerings from the MCU and DCEU, or even in recent TV shows. However, not all of these amazing villains have joined the live-action fray.

Let's take a look at who made it into the top six for Marvel, and which of these hasn't yet had a chance on the silver screen...

Mystique, Emma Frost and Madame Hydra (aka Viper) have appeared in the X-Men franchise, with Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique taking center stage in both First Class and Days of Future Past. There's no doubt that we'll be seeing her again in future, and I can't wait to see where else they go with this incredible character. Frost, on the other hand, was revealed to be dead in Days of Future Past (presumably experimented on and killed) so we can safely assume that January Jones will not be rejoining the cast in future. Viper has also met her doom in The Wolverine, but has a healing factor in this storyline, so her death may not be the end. However, it's pretty clear that she will not be appearing to battle Captain America due to rights-sharing issues.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Nebula has also made her way into the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy, alongside her sister Gamora. Still alive and fiercely jealous of Gamora, we'll undoubtedly be seeing her again, potentially in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, did make a brief (if un-costumed) appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with plans announced to have her appear as Black Cat in future. Now that Marvel and Sony have struck a new deal with the Spiderman franchise, her future is up in the air. She could definitely re-appear, and as a fan-favorite, I think she will, but we don't yet know when or how we will see her again.

Felicia Hardy in TASM2
Felicia Hardy in TASM2

Which leaves us with only one of Marvel's fiercest females yet to hit the big screen: Enchantress. This Asgardian villain could easily join the MCU though, potentially as soon as in Thor: Ragnarok.

How does DC stack up?

All four of the Batman villains here have made it onto the big screen already, unsurprisingly for such incredible characters. Uma Thurman brought Poison Ivy to life in Batman and Robin, although sadly the film was a total flop, so she didn't get the recognition she so richly deserves. Catwoman, on the other hand, has appeared on screen time and time again. From Michelle Pfieffer's iconic version in Batman Returns, to Halle Berry's critically panned outing in Catwoman, to the most recent version played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. Talia Al Ghul appeared alongside her in The Dark Knight Rises, in fact- as Miranda Tate. We could see any of these characters re-appear in the future, as part of the new DCEU, and I'm sure that at least one of these iconic villains will re-appear.

Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn hasn't technically made it on screen yet, but she'll be starring in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, where she's sure to make fans very happy with her signature brand of insanity.

Star Sapphire was teased in both Green Lantern and Man of Steel, as we get a glimpse of her pre-Sapphire self, Carol Ferris. As Man of Steel is part of the new DCEU, presumably we'll be seeing her in future, potentially in the Green Lantern Corps movie that has been announced.

Carol Ferris in MOS
Carol Ferris in MOS

Which means that the DCEU is also missing only one of their femme fatales from this list: Cheetah. Now that Wonder Woman is coming to our screens, can the introduction of this enemy of hers be far off? I hope not!


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