ByJérémie Beaudoin, writer at
Huge fan of both Marvel AND Dc. I love talking about this with my friends and thought it could be cool to post online about my opinions...
"The Joker is not a big part of the Suicide Squad's story."

You may have heard rumors and confirmations about the suicide squad's Joker, Jared Leto's. We can read a LOT of things that concern him on the Internet, but there is one thing that I can't get of my mind: "The Joker in suicide squad is not a big part of the story" and I was hoping for the exact opposite of that sentence. The Joker is my favorite villain in the DCU (a sociopath is always a good choice) and I was a little bit disappointed when they said that he [Jared Leto's] wasn't exceptional... Of course, if we compare to Heath Ledger's, I am persuaded that Leto will be nothing but someone else trying to do a good job. But for the part that we are interested in, the movie is about the squad, not only about The Joker, so it is completely normal that he is not the center of attention... However, if there was a movie called "The Joker" (which would be awesome!!) and he would not get all of the attention, there would be a problem. Being a fan of The Joker, even though what I just said, I think that Jared Leto will give us a performance that we surely will not forget that easily.


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