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I'm sure that anyone who claims to know anything about the MCU is quite well aware of the large, purple-skinned puppet master who took five movies to realize that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That being said, most of you probably were unaware (unless you're a Marvel comic buff) that the Mad Titan actually has a brother named Eros, or as he is more commonly known on Earth, Starfox.

Who's got way better taste in clothes than Thanos
Who's got way better taste in clothes than Thanos

Starfox, although he is very different in appearance and personality from his brother, is no less egotistical, and I think that adding him to the MCU would give Star-Lord and Iron Man a run for their money.

Starfox is a character I would prefer to see join the MCU sooner rather than later. If possible, I'd love for him to appear in time for the all-out battle against his brother in Infinity War. I feel that adding Starfox to the Avengers roster as they go head-to-head with Thanos would make for an interesting dynamic as we watch him try to reconcile his disagreement with his brother's actions with the fact that he is fighting (likely with intent to kill) his own flesh and blood.

Ok, we've pretty well established that Starfox is Thanos' brother. But what else is there to know about him? Where did he come from? What does his power set consist of? Why would he make a handy teammate for the Avengers?

Below are some comic panels that illustrate some of Starfox's abilities and how good he is in a fight.

Okay, bad example.
Okay, bad example.

As shown above, Starfox has the power to fly at incredible speeds, but that's not his only superpower, he also has superhuman strength, immunity to disease, speaks 500 extraterrestrial languages, and has limited psychokinesis.

And the ability to keep a secret from the Avengers
And the ability to keep a secret from the Avengers

The "special ability" which Starfox is referring to in the above panel is actually the ability to manipulate the pleasure centers of the brain, leaving them open to suggestion. It has also been shown that Starfox can overload the pleasure center, causing the subject to fall into a bliss-induced nap. Interestingly, this ability does not work on his brother Thanos and only recently, he asked the Eternals to remove this ability from him completely for fear of abusing it.

What do you think? Should Starfox be in Infinity War or not? Cast your vote below and be sure to comment on why you think he should or shouldn't!


Should Starfox be in Infinity War?


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