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Just a short one to finish the series. Been a while i know so it is kinda late to be talking a fest that happened a month ago. Life got in the way again. so what i going to do is use this a bridge to my next few subjects. So this is a joint Shriekfest post while jumping into my thing for the new year (yeah, I consider Halloween the start of the new year). This will be HORROR AS A LIFESTYLE!!!!!

Your all excited I can tell. Will break this down into bits and other aspects but lets start with an overview using the fest as a springboard.

First I wanna talk about TRANSMEDIA. Why this? Cause I hate the term new media and cross-platforming sounds to much like something a marketing executive would say without knowing what it means.

Everything today exists in multiple forms of media. A ways back i was dealing with some older gentlemen in the industry who though having a website was a creative idea and a teacher who laughed at students who liked comic books since only "serious" writing was worth reading. Yes, there are people alive like this today. Right now I will look at some of the forms I will be looking at and relate them to the fun Shriekfest I was at to start the October month.

Movies: Gotta mention this and of course this is still the core of what we are talking about here. Heck, the name of this site is "Moviepilot" for crying out loud. Shriekfest is a celebration of horror movies and scripts with about 40 films to watch in 3 days. Here is this years list.

Here is last years list and all others.

What i am getting at is there are films, films and more films out there all looking to be seen. There are so many horror films that you can OD on the suckers

Promotions: Shriekfest and the films themselves work are all promoted by a variety of means. Some even work into more ways to be creative. Here are the Shriekfest commercials which yet another contest developed by the fest.

I like the se7en one myself. The point I am getting at is that horror media can come in places more than a theater but even in the very creative minds of the promo team. Don't money for a feature? No worries, just make a short in your apartment.

Social Media: Exactly how many different forums of social media are there out there right now? Looking at the shriekfest page I see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin for us old farts. There is a constant demand from the new media generation to be constantly updated. More on that in a later post but it creates a whole sense of burden on the media generators. How do you maintain all these sites on a production budget that would not even make one network show. Even the big boys of production have problem with maintaining a constant and relevant presence in the social media world. Why is that? Are the out of touch with today's young viewer? (well yeah but that is not the only thing), does the media change so fast no one can keep up or is it just such a new model of producing content that we are all figuring it out as we go?

That last one is probably the scariest possibility so it is probably the most true of the bunch as well. Oh Well.

Everything old is new again: How did the world of the information revolution suddenly find a place for fomenting folk tales and reviving old style presentations? They can because the written word and the folk tale, now called a creepypasta, are the latest and probably most rapidly expanding subset of the genre. And that leads to my next transition.

From here on out i am looking into the work of horror as a lifestyle. Yes I will be reviewing films and making lists but we are looking at all things that involve horror as a 365, 24/7 lifestyle. This is where we will be going from here on out. Must road work and photography on my part but now it is time to get back to writing and basking in the horror world.

PS: sorry about the delay again but it was life and an academic quandary that you all helped solve. Thanks!!!!


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