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Some of the videos below are a bit graphic...viewer discretion is advised. Possible spoilers for the films, Drive, Horns, Housebound, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Movies are great, who doesn't like to sit down and watch a good film or TV show? (Sit down and/or put your hand down!) Some people like different types of movies, but it seems the older you get, the more gory things you seem to like; nice G to PG to PG-13 to R to NR, or the TV ratings, which I wont go into...Anyway, depending on the movie, you are bound to come across some that is and are bloody and just....Great? Below are 4 great movies, that just so happen to have head-blowing up action! So without further ado...Lets start! 4, 3, 2, aaannddd 1!

Lets start with...

#4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (2003).

Pretty early on is when the death toll begins...I wouldn't necessarily call this a horror movie but rather a extremely suspenseful one. If you haven't seen it, then you are missing out on Jessica Biel's wet-shirt...

#3. Horns. (2013).

If you want to see the head shot, skip to about 0.48. Horns, despite all its criticism and hate, it was a very decent movie, which is a must see.

#2. Housebound. (2014).

I couldn't find the particular scene, but the trailer is above-if you haven't already watched. This movie was great, unpredictable and funny at some parts, I highly recommend it if you like horror. Once you see the film, you'll know what death fits this here section. Well It wasn't a bullet that did the trick, but rater a meat hook and electricity...lots and lots of power!

My number one for this particular article is:

#1. Drive. (2011).

Drive is an absolute piece of art! If you have not watched this either, then do so! The above video shows Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, getting a shot gun blast right to the noggin. Honorable Mention, That Isn't Gun Related: In the movie a...well just watch the video below:

Yeah, you see that skull cave in? Good.

So What Do You Think Of My Choices? Are There Some You Think I'm Missing Or That Are Better Than These? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!


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