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Spider-Man is now the best superhero in the world. But his shows on the big screen is not always the best. Here is how I ranked and think about all about the Spider-Man movies. This is my opinion, so if it's not like how you think, please don't hate me, 'cause I love you.

5. Spider-Man 3

It's clearly the worst one. Emo Peter Parker dancing, too many villians,... All those reasons, I've already know from the fans. The thing I hate most is the appearance of Venom. Venom is one of the best Spider-Man's foe, but in this movie, we can totally see Eddie Brock face more than Venom. And Venom was trying to kill Spider-Man for one good reason: Peter Parker made Eddie Brock got himself fired!

4. Spider-Man 2

The Spider-Man sequel is so good, I like this movie. But I always feel that it still not the best. The way the studio put the "Spider-Man No More" into the film, I feel so boring. To me, It's like "A Spider-Man movie but Peter Parker is no more Spider-Man". And I don't know how and why does Peter loses his power. The only thing I like about this movie is Dr. Octopus - one of the greatest villians of Spider-Man. And I like the train fight scene and all the action scene. In fact, I don't think this is a bad movie

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This reboot sequel, I know you guys think that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is bad. But for me, I actually like it. This movie has the best visual effect of all Spider-Man movies. The Spider-suit was awsome, I really like how they make Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino. I like how they handle Gwen Stacy's death (seriously, I cried) I guess you guys think the biggest problem in the movie is it has the same mistake with Spider-Man 3: too many villians. Electro was trying to kill Spider-Man because Spider-Man forget this name, and Green Goblin has the third appearance in the big screen. The story was too complicated. I don't know who is the main chracter: Peter Parker or Harry Osborn. And the ending, I think it's not bad, I think it's just an epic ending for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and bring him back to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2. Spider-Man

The one that started it all. This was a smash hit and become one of the best superhero movie ever. The movie make me feel like a best experience to discover who is Spider-Man and his adventures. The visual effect was good (for a film in the 2000s) and I like how they tell the origin story and the Green Goblin death looks just like in the comic. Tobey Maguire face is fit for Peter Parker, and all the action scene was so epic.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man

I know! I know! It's a reboot after the disaster of Spider-Man 3. But let me tell you why I like this movie most: it's the only Spider-Man movie that I saw in the cinema.... Just kidding. I know it has retell the origin story, but it has switch thing up with Gwen Stacy is Peter's girlfriend not Tobey Maguire's Mary Jane. Gwen Stacy is not useless like Mary Jane, she knows how to help Spider-Man on his fight, not to scream like a bitch like MJ was. Peter Parker now has the web-shooter, just like in the comic, and I like how they handle the death of George Stacy (Gwen's dad) (it make me cry too). The spider-suit is much different and also much cooler. This is the Spider-Man that I've been looking for all times.

Conclusion, I know it's different from your opinion, but please don't swear to me, I'll cry. But instead of complaining about my ranked list, why don't you guys tell me your favorite Spider-Man movie? And who is excited for the Marvel's Spider-Man movie? Share your thought, and I love you guys


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