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I was a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto 5 when it came out and spent many an hour blasting the day away, I loved playing it on my PS3 and was one of those stubborn people that wouldn't even entertain the idea of playing on anything else.

But recently thanks to reading other articles on MoviePilot, my eyes have been opened fully to the wonderful world of gaming - not just on one single console either. Thanks to my brother also, I've been introduced to the wonderful world of YouTube videos, PC gamings and hilarious, yet epic game mods.

Now I say new in the article title and I use that word very loosely, these are new to me and my favourites list is still growing with every visit to my brothers house.

Now I'm new to the whole PC gaming and even gaming seriously in general. I mean the last time I played a game on the PC was way back when the original Tomb Raider stopped working on my old windows 95 computer when I was younger. I've always been more of a "Let's play this and get this done!" type of gamer until recently after getting into so many in depth gaming articles. I'm happy to say My gaming repertoire has now extended past owning just the Batman: Arkham series, the Mass Effect trilogy and the Uncharted games.

Now I understand that this is all primarily old news to everyone else who hasn't been living under a rock for the last 15 years, but I've found it all incredibly phenomenal. It's because of my new found excitement and appreciation for the level of skill and creativity involved, that I've decided to compile a brief list of my top 5 Mods that I stumbled across with my friends.


The Los Santos skyline used to be filled with the shimmering blimps that gracefully danced across the horizon. Now those blimps have been swapped out and replaced with the incredible and intimidating spaceship from my all time favourite series - Mass Effect.

Good luck taking this bad boy down, but fear not. If Mass Effect isn't your thing, you can always replace the blimps with Star Destroyers from Star Wars.
You can even fly an X-wing (awesome I know).

4. The Planet Express Ship

One of the greatest cartoon delivery ships can be yours to fly around Los Santos in style (Purple haired cyclops not included). Now many of my friends have had complaints about this mod, saying there's not enough for them to do on the ship, complaining that they can't access the canon on top to fire that etc. But if you look past that and just enjoy it for what it is, then you will have hours of fun taking planes and helicopters out of the sky as the Futurama theme song plays out in your head.

3. Pop-Culture STatue Mod

You can now liven up the Los Santos streets by erecting giant statues of various iconic characters that players and fans will know and love. These statutes include Optimus Prime, Captain America, a T-Rex, Superman and a gigantic Terminator. All of which look pretty damn amazing.

2. Iron-Man/Hulkbuster Armour

First there came the Iron-Man mod that allowed players to take on the role of Tony Stark. With a built-in array of weapons including missiles, pulsar rays and a machine gun hand, players could truly rain down the hell storm upon the public of Los Santos. I mean, I've never had so much fun flinging people through the air before, not to mention chasing down blimps and jets as you rocket through the air in the Iron-Man suit was bloody brilliant.

Check out the video below to see the original suit in all its glory (a little hint, you may want to mute the video as the guy - try as he might, is not that funny).

But then I was shown something even more incredible, something even better than just flying around and blasting things as Iron-Man. That thing was The Hulkbuster Armour, and it was every bit as fun to play as it was to watch.

This mod comes with a number of powers similar to Iron-Man's such as allowing you to fly and looking cool. You can pick up, carry, and throw vehicles. You've got both single and double-handed repulsor blasts (much like the Iron-Man), as well as a chest repulsor. You can also fire homing missiles, all of which are a million times better when you're in The Hulkbuster Armour. Whilst in the air you can target enemies allowing you to land in a devastating and equally awesome way.

No Jolly green giant smashing up the city to stop though, yet.

1. Back To The Future

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!"

Being that it's the month and year Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown traveled to in the film Back To The Future 2, I thought I would save this one for last.

There are multiple mods out for this one. some just make the classic Delorean, others allow you to make said car fly. But one, one allows you to input and an actual date and time and lets your travel there (or then) once you hit 88mph.

I think the level of detail and creativity that has gone into this one is absolutely fantastic, it was so strange actually witnessing the car vanish and then reappear with the clock jumping hours ahead.

Now when I played around with this mod on my friend's computer, I could only travel forward a certain amount of hours with the day changing instantly from day to night. All of this was exciting enough for me being a novice and all but my friends just wanted more. They're still waiting for someone to make it so that can travel to different eras -Sounds like a pretty huge order if you ask me, but hey, what do I know? All I know is I'd be entertained watching that for sure.


As a massive Batman fan I naturally had to include this one i stumbled upon.
The first video is a shorter demonstration of the vehicle, the second is extremely long but is extremely detailed and gives you a much better look at everything the Batman mod has to offer.

Prepare to become The Dark Knight.


What was your favourite mod?


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