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Up until now, Australians have simply called their currency "dollars," but things may be about to change!

A petition has begun in Australia to change the name of their currency. Australians have been using the term "dollar" for their currency, but this petition, if successful, will change it to "dollarydoos." This comes from the 1995 epic episode of The Simpsons titled 'Bart vs. Australia,' in which Bart makes a long-distance prank call to Australia, costing its victim “900 dollarydoos.” Check out the joke for yourself:

The petition has over 17,000 signatories as of now, and it seems like Australians have taken up this joke wholeheartedly. Although, if this change takes place it will be a landmark in the history of Australia. Even The Simpsons creator Al Jean backed the idea, if the residuals were paid back to FOX.

To be honest, this whole thing is a very fun scenario. Let's see how everything turns out!

What do you think? Should Australians change their currency over a joke? Comment down below!


Should Australians change their currency over a joke?


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