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John Wick is an action film that came out last year, stars Keanu Reeves as the title character and is directed by veteran stunt men. The story follows retired hitman John Wick who is forced back into action after the wrong people take everything from him.

I have been waiting a long time to see this film and I can thankfully say that is probably the best action film of last year, the only real contender it has is The Raid 2. This film was immensely enjoyable and near perfect.

First of all the action is flawless. Every gunfight, hand to hand fight and car battle runs fluidly into the next. Every fight is brutal yet pretty satisfying. The film is directed superbly as well, it is the most stylish action film i have seen in ages and it also features the best looking nightclub scene i have ever seen.

The acting is great from everyone as well, Willem Dafoe is good, Ian McShane is really good and Michael Nyqvist is great as one of the bad guys. This is one of, if not the best performance Keanu Reeves has ever given. He handles his own stunts perfectly and the emotional scenes are dealt with in a aggressive yet realistic manner. The motivations for his revenge are well handled as well, it doesn't feel forced.

The film is intense, stylish and a lot of fun yet sets up a franchise subtly rather than deliberately. The only problem i have is that the ending, not the end fight, but the actual ending does feel a little abrupt and out of place.


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