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Ridley Scott returns with an all star cast led by an amazing performance by Matt Damon. The Martian is based on a best-selling book about an astronaut (played by Damon) who is left behind on Mars when his team have to make an emergency take off. The film shows both Damon's character trying to survive and the many attempts to rescue him back on Earth.

This film was really good. This is the film that has put Ridley Scott back on the map, recently his films haven't been on par with his previous work. Prometheus (which i enjoyed) split fans down the middle and Exodus was pretty forgettable. However Scott does a brilliant job with The Martian, from the way the emotional scenes are handled to the breathtaking shots of Mars' surface. The sense of isolation for Damon's character is strongly apparent from the moment he's left behind.

Everyone is at the top of their game acting wise. Chiwetel Ejiofor is great, Jessica Chastain is really good, Jeff Daniels is just as good, Michael Pena is hilarious. But the obvious standout is Matt Damon who is the best he has ever been. He's likable from start to finish and there is never a boring scene with him in it.

The film was also surprisingly funny, mostly through things that Matt Damon's character says. No matter how bad the situation is, he will always be optimistic somehow. That doesn't mean the film isn't without it's serious moments, for example there is a hard to watch scene where Damon removes some shrapnel from his stomach.

In terms of flaws there aren't any to be honest. However the stuff on Mars is way more interesting and engaging than the stuff on Earth, even though the Earth scenes are still really well handled. At one point they spend about 15 to 20 minutes on Earth and as interesting as it is you just want to see Matt Damon again.

This is Ridley Scott's best film in ages and Matt Damon shines in one of the best roles he's ever done.


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