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lately, Walt Disney Studios have been making and announcing various live action remakes for their popular animation classics. for example, the villainous story of maleficent, the innocent Cinderella, the gloomy wizard of oz, Alice in wonderland, and the newly released pan. some movies also been announced, like Mulan (which I cant wait for), beauty and the beast, jungle book, and Aladdin.

but some, unlike others, I'm not so sure will make that good of a live action film. so here are my picks for the movies that will, in my opinion, fail, and the ones that will 99.9% waste my pocket money. I'm on including Pixar, sorry Brave...

disclaimer: this is all my opinion you are welcome to disagree in the comments.

SUCCESS: Hercules

I can already imagine the powerful demigod Hercules concurring the big screen. in my opinion, the SGI work possible in the movie can be spectacular. even if they do a prequel of the dynamics between Zeus and Hades, or anything like that, monsters will come to life with (possibly) amazing SGI work in hulk style.3

basically, it will be visually amazing to see Hercules on screen, with the right cast, it could be one of the best action movies in the superman kind of fighting style.

FAIL: the little mermaid

unlike Hercules and his monstrous possibilities of awesome visuals, mermaid live action movies never work. remember that terrible Disney show H2O?

yeah I wanna forget that too
yeah I wanna forget that too

the show wasn't bad, just the effects were, well, crappy. the same will go to the little mermaid herself. Ariel has the reputation of a sexy little mermaid, lets not ruin that.

also, I don't think tentacles will work for Ursula on the screen. in my opinion, this movie as a LA movie is a dead end.

SUCCESS: snow white

unlike the previous two movies, snow white does not require too many special effects. the classic story can be brought to live very easily through good acting and make up. with the right cast, this movie can actually be an amazing remake for the original. it can tell us more about the fan favorite evil queen, or the prince, or even the dwarfs or snow whites real parents.

the movie can fill a lot of gaps from the original movie, and I think it can bring the original princess to life.

FAIL: frozen

now some of you might disagree with me, but in my opinion, frozen is overrated AF. it is way to cheesy and cliché to pass to live action. I think that even with a good cast, it will be hard to bring anything from the original movie to real life. overall, the only reason for this to become a live action movie is for the children, and for more money.

SUCCESS: big hero 6

I think the reason this should be made is simple. imagine those guys above fighting Avengers style against an army of evil dudes! ahhhhh! Disney has already mastered the art of making a superhero movie, so why not give it to this awesome team and make a little action comedy that I will book tickets to a month before.

honestly, big hero 6 is based on a marvel comic book, so why not go wild and add another movie like this to the MCU? nah, not really. but wouldn't this team be so cool on the big screen? all they need to do is make the outfits more reasonable and that's all.

FAIL: the lion king

in my opinion, animals-led movies don't transfer really well into the big screen. well, they do, like the awesome lion from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, but see them talk is kind of awkward.

also, I actually don't want to see this movie since the first one was one of my favorite Disney movies ever, and a live action one will ruin it all.

we might have already seen 101 Dalmatians, but they didn't talk did they?

SUCCESS: tangled

how awesome would it be to see Rapunzel kick some guards ass? how cool it will be to have snappy comebacks and the sassiness of one of the most badass princesses? tangled can easily become a great action comedy that can look AMAZING on the big screen.

FAIL: the princess and the frog

like Lion King, following the story of talking frogs is not a good idea. in my opinion, it will just fail to actively transfer into something that wont just make us want to leave the cinema and go watch the original.

some quick movies:

success: Pocahontas

Fail: Lady and the Trump

Success: Hunchback of Notre Dom

Fail: Bambi

hope you liked my list! for more awesome movie stuff make sure to follow me on! which movie do you want to see and was there any movie I missed? comment to let me know!


which Disney classic do you want to see as a live action remake?


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