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Yes I might get hate for this article but when you think about it, they are actually good points. None of the Avengers actually do that much superhero work as such, they roaming the city and they even murder people!

Iron Man:

Iron Man just hangs around being a rich douche that doesn’t do anything except use his suit. If he didn't have his suit he'd be nothing. And come on, nobody is supposed know who the hero is under the mask…

Captain America:

He's Coming for me...
He's Coming for me...

Captain America only does covert missions for the government and only fights when he is told to or when a villain attacks America. And besides, he was only given the "Super-Soldier Serum" to help win the war.

Black Widow and Hawk Eye:

They may be highly skilled soldiers but they only do something when they are getting attacked, and they actually kill people. And Black Widow is pretty much pointless. Only thing she does is shoot guns and has some fighting skills. And Hawk Eye just shoots a bow.


Thor is the closest to a superhero because he goes to different worlds to battle. He says that earth is under his protection but he only attacks super villains on earth when they attack him.


Well let’s be honest here, Hulk just hides in his lab because if he gets angry he will destroy anything in his path. And they only need him to put holes in walls and leap tall buildings in a single bound to get to high places. oh and to punch people.

Extra But Not In The Avengers.

The only person in the same universe of the avengers that keeps an eye out around and helps when people need it is the one and only, Spider-Man. He actually helps anyone and not just when he is getting attacked. Go Spidey!

I’d like to thank Mark for pointing these out and letting me write this. Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you agree or not. :)


which of these do you think is the least Superhero-ey Avenger mentioned?


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