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The Flash returned to our screens this week, and with it's arrival of new visitors came a list of possibilities and questions that need answering. Today my friends, we are going to explore a few of those niggling questions that must be on all of our minds.

With the disappearance of one half of Firestorm in this season's big opening, things aren't looking great for Doctor Stein (Victor Garber), Or Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) for that matter. Firestorm has yet to become as regular a character as anyone else, what with his identity struggle in season one which lead to him appearing and re appearing in confusion. But he returned and was there front and centre with the rest of our team in the opening scenes of season 2, only to heroically sacrificed himself to help Barry close the singularity above Central City.

When the vortex was closed, Barry raced down grabbing a falling body, rescuing the person only to discover it was Doctor Stein. Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond had seemingly perished once again, leaving his new wife broken and alone which in turn led to her self imposed exile from her friends and team mates in order to help process the pain.

Caitlin Snow has been left heartbroken and devastated yet again, and is seemingly destined to spend her days cold and alone - or is she? You see in the latest episode of The Flash titled "The Flash of Two Worlds", fans got to witness a little possible blooming romance between our very own Caitlin Snow and Earth 2's Jay Garrick.

This little shared moment where they bonded over their common interest led me to think, "Will Ronnie come back to make things? What's going to happen with Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow? Is Caitlin about to get it on with a Flash?" I mean their chemistry was pretty undeniable.

It was this original curiosity and intrigue which led me to stumble upon an interview Todd Helbing - who co wrote the episode had with Tvline. an interview that alluded to some pretty interesting things that could potentially be headed our way this season and even revealed that someone needs to join Dr. Stein in the Firestorm matrix. Since Ronnie/Firestorm already passed away, it's possible for Sears' character to take his place.

So when asked about the possible romance brewing and the Firestorm Matrix. But as well hinting at the possibility of Jay Garrick joining Dr.Stein within the Matrix (I'm sure that's just to throw us off) he had this to say:

"We're in the Flash-verse, so anything is possible. There's Earth-2, there's the multiverse. There's always the possibility for Ronnie to come back, Jay is struggling with something, and his connection with Caitlin will strengthen the minute she decides to help him with it."

Cisco was right, The white does look better.
Cisco was right, The white does look better.

Could Jay Garrick be set to become the other half of Firestorm or could he and Caitlin be destined for something more?

When probed by Entertainment Tonight regarding his character's progression this season and his Jay Garrick's relationship with Barry Allen, Teddy Sears had this to say,

"it's safe to say that after episode two Jay wins Barry's trust and they just move forward as a team from there, the two will learn to trust each other."

Sears was then asked who out of the two Flash's is the best over all,

"I don't know! I mean Barry Allen is a young pup and I've got some years on him, so I would wager the youngin' might take it, but I don't know. I would love to get there and see it for myself because that would be really fun."

So it looks like Barry could have some friendly competition this season once Jay regains his access to the Speed Force.

How epic was this scene?
How epic was this scene?

Now I think Jay merging into the Firestorm Matrix would be an interesting way to go, and I'm sure if it did happen the show's writers would come up with an extremely interesting and creative way to do this - as they always do.

Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow may indeed fall in love and bond over their mutual genius, but I have a feeling Jay's familiarity with Mrs Snow may stretch all the way back to the climactic end of season 1, for us viewers at least.

Now if you cast your minds back to the slew of images that we saw during the finale of season 1, you may remember a brief image of Mrs.Snow (Danielle Panabaker) dressed as the villain Killer Frost . Now with the coming of Earth 2, I have a hunch that Jay's connection to Caitlin will be one of curiosity more than anything. why I hear you ask?

Because I think eventually we could possibly find out that Jay Garrick knows Caitlin Snow as non other than Killer Frost .

Killer Frost
Killer Frost

Jay Garrick's Earth 2 could be the home of Caitlin Snow's villainous alter ego, and it won't actually be our regular Caitlin that turns evil (but if my spouse died that many times, i'd snap). The show's writer and creators have already promised a better look into the world of Earth 2, so this could really happen.

This little revelation would be an excellent twist and take us even further into the strange new world of Earth 2. But stay tuned and see for yourselves viewers, stranger things have happened after all.

Now as plausible as that all sounds it's still only just a theory of mine. head to comment section a let me know your theories for the coming season of The Flash. I'd love to know everyone elses speculations, do you have a theory to add or share?


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