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With the huge success of CW’s The Flash and Arrow, I have noticed a few comparisons to most other origin based TV shows. If you are not up to date on Flash and Arrow please proceed with caution. This is based on my knowledge of other TV shows I have seen This has spoilers for The Flash, Arrow, Smallvile and Daredevil.

My first point for this is… Most shows don’t have their main villain in the full first season. For example in Smallville;

Lex and Clark were like best friends for the first few seasons, (Lex is one of the main bad guys in superman trying to kill superman). And it’s not like doomsday was in the first season trying to kill him. (Which is someone who did actually kill him., and then bought back to life after and changed it and said he was in a Kriptonian coma.) The villains were just people infected by kryptonite which was helping him to control his powers.

Arrow is the same as The Flash as in that the main villain is in the first season, although Green Arrow wasn’t as popular as The Flash before the TV show Arrow started. Green Arrow didn’t have that many villains so that’s kind of understandable in why his main villains have all been shown already.

he is sad because he has no villains
he is sad because he has no villains

My other point I have to tell is, his name. Most superheroes don’t get their names until later on. In Smallville

Clark was first called “The Blur” in about season seven or eight. Then in season nine he was “The Red and Blue Blur.” It wasn't until season ten he was finally called Superman.

And in Arrow:

First he was called "The Vigilante.” In season one. In season two he was “The Hood” and then “The Arrow” half way through season two. FInally after four seasons he was named “The Green Arrow.”

And in Marvel’s Daredevil:

it took till the end of season one for him to be called “Daredevil.”

The Flash season 2 continues on The CW. Thank you for reading and if I have missed any please feel free to add them in the comments. :)


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