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If you remember Martin Mystery, Martin, Diana, Java, and Billy fight supernatural and paranormal creatures with their investigative skills and their cool gadgets. Unlike the W.O.O.H.P. agents in Totally Spies! who get their gadgets on mission briefing, Center agents get all their gadgets from the U-Watch that they wear all the time- so why can't Diana have one?

source: Tumblr.
source: Tumblr.

Most Probable Answer: Martin's the leader of the team that's why he's the only one with the U-Watch.

Well that's a good point- also:

  • Java is a caveman and hasn't quite adapted to modern technology
  • Billy already has his own Center equipment, his mini hovercraft,
  • Martin knows paranormal when he sees it (also that he's the main protagonist of the show).

Given these facts, shouldn't the Center still consider giving Diana a U-Watch (or any gadget) in case of paranormal emergencies? Diana isn't always the damsel in distress; in some episodes, Martin is the one who gets possessed, abducted, hypnotized, etc. It's only when Martin's in danger that Diana can get a hold of the U-Watch. She may not be as skilled as Martin in using it, but she knows very well how and when to use it. As far as everyone knows, Martin and Diana are in the same level as Center agents.

Marvin using his own U-Watch
Marvin using his own U-Watch

In the episode, The Third Eye, M.O.M. officially declared Marvin as a Center agent and gave him his own U-Watch. Well for starters, Marvin isn't really included in any team that's why he got his own U-Watch. But still, Marvin's first mission was to work with Martin's team in solving odd incidents at an institute. Technically, he was part of a team so how come he got his own U-Watch?

In Relation with Totally Spies!

Totally Spies! Sam, Clover, and Alex
Totally Spies! Sam, Clover, and Alex

In Totally Spies!, Sam, Clover, and Alex are given their own compowders. Well, given that Martin Mystery was produced with the same production company as Totally Spies!, couldn't the crew have considered giving U-Watches to all center agents and not just team leaders?

The Crossover that Could've Solved The Gadget Distribution Issue

source: Totally Spies! Wikia
source: Totally Spies! Wikia

In the crossover episode of Martin Mystery and Totally Spies!, "Totally Mystery Much?" there were instances where Martin and the super spies could've forged a partnership between The Center and W.O.O.H.P.:

  • They had their own picks on each other's gadgets: Martin for the spies' jet-pack parachutes and the spies with the U-Watch's I-Cutter
  • M.O.M. and Jerry knew each other at some point in the past
  • At the end of the episode, Martin left the spies' penthouse through the Center's portal in their cabinet. Sam commented on how they should talk to Jerry about getting summoned to W.O.O.H.P. like how the Center does to its agents.

Given Martin's brief experience with W.O.O.H.P., couldn't he have suggested new gadget ideas to M.O.M.? The fashionable gadgets could've been handy for Diana as a counterpart to Martin's U-Watch. Of course, this crossover was only included in Totally Spies! story line and doesn't apply to Martin Mystery but still, it could've been a nice sequel to the crossover.

Sadly, Martin Mystery got cancelled due to declining ratings in 2006, so we'll never know if Diana would ever have her own U-Watch with Billy taking over M.O.M.'s place in the last episode. Maybe this calls for reboot? Or perhaps, another crossover episode with Totally Spies! where Diana, Java, and Billy can finally join in? Diana could even get the Center to give her totally fab gadgets like the spies!


Should "Martin Mystery" have a reboot and finally give Diana her own U-Watch?


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