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MOVIEPILOT; is just an awesome place where you can geek out and write about the movies you love...or read.

The Facebook page is even better because of all the people sharing Ideas, news, art, posts, and asking questions. Plus all the love you get there is always nice. You get to know each other better, and YOU could be apart of a great big family! Yes, family..I'm proud to call everyone there, family! I've really got to know people on a more deeper level than you would on a post. Its awesome! I really appreciate everyone there.

If you have had bad experience with people writing such mean things on your posts, then come on over, there is none of that there! Just some good advice. Follow the link here, and join right now!

Now is the time for some of, the creator's opinions on the page/group. I had asked them this:

I want to write a post about this here Facebook group, so why do you love it? What do you hate? Just share your opinions!

So here are their reasons!

Jacob Craig says:

I love it because it's not the same stuff here that you get in the comments on Moviepilot. No one here is looking for a fight or trying to troll you, we all want to just get our ideas out there and we can respect other people's opinions. Since everyone here are actually creators, we don't criticize anyone else for what they think, because we've all had enough of that for a lifetime. What I don't like? No one here gives enough constructive criticism, you're all literally too nice for me.

Rafael Herreras-Zinman says:

I like communicating with my fellow geeks. I also like getting into the occasional pop culture debate.

Liam Dixon says:

Great place to geek out make a lot of new friends! Don't have any dislikes! Well, there have been a lot of trolls on here in the past, but that's about it haha!

Jen Sansevere says:

I love knowing that we can post more than ideas here. We can have a civilized debate and not get trolled. As writers we are able to talk things out creatively or ask for opinions sans judgment. That, and y'all are a funny bunch of folks!

Josh Hardie says:

I love the open community! Everyone on here shares a lot of similar interests, but bring their own perspective on them. These different perspectives and opinions lead to a lot of entertaining debates that spark new friendships and mutual respect for one another. It's a great place to come share your thoughts on the things that you love and admire without fear of persecution, it's just a fantastic community to be a part of for those reason and more.

One minor critique though (other than the trolls) some times on the rarest of occasions someone will share a joke or a funny picture, which is then followed by a slew of people that become over analytical and instead of taking the joke for what it is (someone's attempt at sharing humour or something they find funny.) people focus in on trying to analyse it and become so enveloped in their passion that they completely over look the humour. But then I guess these things come with such an varied mix of people! And you can Harley blame people for the raging fires of genius that burn inside of them! Lol

Holly Khraibani-Cousins says:

I've been very quiet of late, but I love how friendly everyone is and it's a great place to have discussions, bounce ideas off each other or just to chat about what we love and get to know eachother!

Shannon McShortall says:

Totally agree with Jacob Craig. It's great posting about a piece I write, looking for constructive criticism and not get "this writer is an idiot" or something along the lines of that tongue emoticon. Aside from that, it's a group of people who are almost always awesome and nice. People know what they're talking about. It's also a great place for nerdy news and open discussion that some of us can only have with a few people who are fellow nerds. Also, the nerd fights are so calm and reasonable. Whenever I see an argument, it's just filled with facts and makes sense, and doesn't involve insulting the other person. Then it's resolved so easily. It's a great place. I originally thought I could use it to help my writing along, but I love it even without that.

Caryn Elizabeth Baird says:

Help and understanding, a real sense of community. Dislikes are really that not enough constructive criticism . But that's all.x

Lohith Nyalapogula says:

I have always loved MP Creators, because it has always been like a family. An awesome family where everyone is talented in their own right. If I ever have an nerdy information that I want to share or know, MP Creators is my number one place. I just love this place!

So you want to join? You can start writing now!


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