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The legendary Michael Caine is one of the most revered actors in the film industry—and for good reason. He is incredibly talented, sincere, and his characters are instantly loved by the world. With his latest role in The Last Witch Hunter, Caine appears to prove once again that not only is he a charmer, but he also plays a key and unexpected role as the hero's most trusted collaborator. With his signature sage guidance, he's sure to aid in Vin Diesel's upcoming quest for justice, and his legacy offers some clues on just how that might go down.

Many fans were first introduced to Michael Caine in The Dark Knight trilogy, as he portrayed Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's family butler. He was Wayne's father figure through all three films, and his influence was present throughout Wayne's transformation into one of today's most well-known heroes.

Michael Caine and Christian Bale
Michael Caine and Christian Bale

However, I was first introduced to this truly magnificent actor in the 1988 crime comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Michael Caine played Lawrence Jamieson, a wealthy and crafty confidence man with the crime down to an art form. In the film, he encounters rookie con-man Freddy Benson (played by Steve Martin), and he is forced to teach him his ways.

Though at first glance Lawrence may seem to be on the complete other end of the spectrum from Alfred, both characters have something important in common that we have seen in all of Caine's recent films.

Steve Martin and Michael Caine
Steve Martin and Michael Caine

Naturally, Bruce told his mentor Alfred just about everything, even his secret crime-fighting alter-ego. Alfred kept this secret stoically and helped out with Bruce's various missions and escapades.

In Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Caine's character Lawrence meets Freddy Benson on a train. Without even knowing who Lawrence is, Freddy spills all of his secrets when it comes to conning and tricking people. Lawrence could have easily blabbed to the poor wealthy woman who Freddy was manipulating, but he kept that a secret as well.

It's simple really. Michael Caine is cinema's greatest confidant!

Michael Caine and Leonardo DiCaprio
Michael Caine and Leonardo DiCaprio

Caine takes on this role in other recent films as well. Inception, for example. Though Caine has little screen time, he doles out advice to Leonardo DiCaprio, as Leo unloads many secrets about his dream-work to Caine's aging Professor Stephen Miles. Caine functions as the voice of reason to Leo just as he did for Christian Bale in the The Dark Knight trilogy.

Even in his most recent film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Caine doesn't break his pattern. He even played a villain in this film, working with Samuel L. Jackson's nefarious Valentine character. That didn't stop him from rising to the inner circle of a secret spy ring, where he harbored secrets from dozens of different spies and even recruits. Unfortunately for them though, Caine's character Arthur was less than noble with his keeping of those secrets.

Michael Caine will be returning to theaters this Friday in the Vin Diesel-led fantasy flick, The Last Witch Hunter. Though we don't know much of Caine's character other than his religious affiliation, we see him counseling Vin Diesel's character Kaulder in the trailer for the film, hinting that we may once again see him take up the mantle of confidant for yet another cinematic protagonist.

So, the lesson to be learned here is that if you have a major secret and you just can't trust your friends or family with such sensitive information, you absolutely have to turn to Michael Caine. Not only will he probably be willing to listen to your story, but you can also count on him to impart some timeless words of wisdom to help you on your way!

The Last Witch Hunter comes out October 23, 2015


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